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Recycling equipment from leading companies

Interview with  Mr. Pashev , General manager of  "Brothers Pashev". The company is traditional participant at Save the Planet exhibition.

Mr. Pashev with which companies do you work in the recycling field?

Over the past seven years the company specializes in the planning, delivery and installation of machinery and adittional equipment  for recycling of various materials including plastic waste, municipal waste, wood and many others. The company represents  on the Bulgarian market officially and exclusively over 10 world known suppliers in these areas a.

Some of them are Vecoplan Germany - shredders for shredding plastic waste / RDF / wood, biomass, textiles, paper, etc., MAS Austria conical twin-screw extruders for re-granulating  and compounding of various types of plastics, Sesotec Germany for equipment for optical sorting of different types of plastics waste, STF Germany - PET bottles recycling lines, ABS-Germany flexible silos for storage of bulk materials such as granulates or flakes, and other supplierers for spare parts for different machines in the field of recycling.

You import processing machines for plastics, waste, wood, paper, plants for washing of waste plastics, extruder-granulator for plastics processing. Do you offer also assistance when installing the machines?

Yes, I mentioned this in the previous question - the strength of the company "Brothers Pashev" Ltd. has always been and will continue to be full cooperation of the client with respect to the initial selection technology and equipment, participation in the realization of a project from the beginning to the finishing of the project, consulting on all relevant issues and of course full support in terms of installation and even further training. In our tradition every year before the exhibition "Save the planet“ we are organizing our themed open days on which we emphasize in advance and inform our customers about new trends in the field of recycling.

In which sectors are your main customers?

Our main customers are in the field of processing and recycling of plastics in the field of optimal and efficient converting of household waste and other waste types.

Give an example of an installation with your participation.

Here some examples:

In 2014 the company "Brothers Pashev" Ltd. together with our partners STF Maschinen und Anlagenbau and Sesotec  Germany we isntalled a full automatic sorting and recycling line for PET bottles with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons.

Together with the German company Vecoplan  we realized a project for the production of alternative fuel (RDF) from waste – the production capacity is 15 Tons/hour.

Together with the Austrian company MAS Maschinen und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH we installed a new generation of twin-screw extruder with continues self-cleaning filter for re-granulating  and compounding of various types of plastics.

In the beginnig of 2017 will be the installation and commissioning of a second installation from the company MAS for re-granulating of plastic waste (shredded PE films) with very high performance.

End of the year 2016  we delivered and installed an installation for sorting of rigid plastic waste like: PP, HDPE, PS, PET  with state of the art technological equipment from the companies  Vecoplan and Sesotec Germany with a sorting capacity of 2500 kg/h with exceptional energy efficiency, thoroughly split by types of plastic as well as color.

Additionally our company continues working very actively on various new projects which realization will be a fact in 2017 and beginnig of 2018.

What are the developments in the sector offered by your partner?

Developments in the sector are many and varied. During the exhibition K-2016 in Düsseldorf as our European partner Vecoplan present a combination of shredder and mill. Turn our other business partner company Sesotec new model optical sorter. Company MAS did they provide an extruder and filter CDF redesigned and modified specifications.

What will focus on participation of Save the Planet 2017?

Complex and individual solutions, technology solutions (know-how), plant and equipment related to the effective processing of various types of waste - plastic, etc., Sorting, shredding, washing ( "dry" and wet), dosing,  re-granulating, compounding and extrusion. All are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, ther are the waste treatment technologies for sorting and effective use in including RDF.

Their presentation will be supported by active participation in the exhibition of our trading partners in Europe: Vecoplan, Sesotec, STF, MAS and others.

In which industries would like to expand your contacts?

Until now, participation in exhibitions has always been helpful for us. We hope that we will have  new contacts in the known branches , so we can offer the best solutions and know how .