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Interview with Gianfranco Brusaporci, Managing Director of QuattroGi

Interview with Gianfranco Brusaporci, Managing Director of QuattroGi

QuattroGi has appeared only recently on the Bulgarian market, could you tell us a bit   more about the company and the services you can offer?

QuattroGi operates in the field of innovations in the production and management of different types of energy. The company is closely related to Italy and represents selected Italian manufacturers of various systems for resource and energy efficiency. They complement each other and together ensure comprehensive solutions for modern factories of a new generation, as well as for intelligent residential, administrative or commercial buildings.

The advantages of the companies we represent are the excellent relations established between them over the long years of cooperation in Italy, along with their constant drive for innovations in the designing and manufacturing of their systems.

You provide a wide range of products mainly in the field of energy and energy systems, which are the products and services that you are going to present at the forthcoming exhibition?

Our focus at this fair will be on one of our key partners which we represent in Bulgaria and the region – Termogamma. The company manufactures cogeneration plants and other highly efficient energy production systems. They are manufactured entirely at its own factory in the region of Milan and enjoy high quality warranty and post-warranty maintenance by in-house teams of the company. We are going to emphasize the systems which are feasible and cost-efficient in the Bulgarian environment. Most of all, these are Hy-Rec – a hybrid system for efficient heating and cooling, KitCog – a system for waste heat recovery for the industry, as well as the Biomax system – cogeneration through biomass and biogas.

The visitors of our stand will also learn about the advantages offered by the Eurojet air ducts of another partnering manufacturer – Eurosystem. These are innovative micro-perforated textile and metal air ducts which ensure even distribution of the temperature in the premises and avoid the feeling of draughts. They are easy to install and to maintain, have an aesthetic appearance and are applicable in industrial sites as well as in various restaurants, bars, shopping malls, offices, schools, swimming pools, etc.
Along with the products, we will also present our services for energy audit and for maintenance of existing cogeneration plants.

Your product range includes cogeneration and trigeneration systems, would you give us some more details about them and their advantages?

Cogeneration is already well-known in the Bulgarian market, as several cogeneration plants have been installed and are in operation, running on natural gas, biomass, and biogas. To remind its benefits, we should point out what is probably the decisive factor for the end user of the system – the sizable reduction of electricity and heating bills.

The accompanying benefits, which are no less important, are the reduced consumption of the original raw material used for energy production, i.e. less fuel delivers simultaneously electric and thermal and/or cooling energy, instead of fuel provided for each type of energy separately. Let’s not forget also the environment and air quality – reduced CO2 emissions thanks to cogeneration and trigeneration are a growing priority and a step towards a more responsible co-existence on our planet.

Do you already have projects in the region or are you currently working on some?

We are stepping on the numerous such projects installed all over Italy. Only as an example, I would mention a CCHP (trigeneration) system installed in a plastic factory in Italy, whose resulting savings amount to 480,000 euro per year. In Bulgaria and the region we have managed to build excellent relationships with key partners in different parts of the country and we have provided several feasibility studies. We hope that a big number of them will develop into real projects and that we will be able to announce them officially. We take the opportunity to thank our partners in Bulgaria and the region for their trust.

Who are your potential clients and partners? Visitors from which sectors would you invite to your stand?

Some of our main partners are HVAC designers, electrical engineers, architects, consultants in the field of energy, energy auditors, and various associations.
Our potential clients are from many diverse fields. Our systems are suitable for the industry – factories for food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastic, cement, glass, etc. Another group are wineries, greenhouses and dairy farms. A third one can be public and residential buildings - hospitals, elderly homes, schools, hotels, spa centers, shopping malls, condominiums.