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Apple Pectin and Brewer’s yeast - how to read the labels?

Interview with Mrs. Dessislava Brendyorfer, manager of ABX - 2008 Ltd., a participant in Sofia Sport & Healthy Life 2016

Mrs. Brendyorfer, would you tell us about the activities of your company?

ABX – 2008 imports and manufactures well known products in Bulgaria. Our company has been present on the local market over than twenty years. Our company has been present on the local market more than twenty years.

As general representative for Bulgaria of the German company AmosVital we import effervescent Vitamins and Minerals, and Vitamin C powder.


ABX - 2008 Ltd. also has its own production. We manufacture “Brewer's yeast + A, C, E”, “Apple pectin” and “Pektinulin” tablets. We have established long-term business relationships with the biggest pharmaceutical distributors in Bulgaria.

Brewer’s yeast supplies the human body with vitamins, valuable essential Amino acids and Minerals. What is the most important to know choosing a product?

You should note what kind the brewer’s yeast is. Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast grows on hops and is fed with barley malt. The healthiest one is the autolysed (inactive) brewer's yeast, which is not a byproduct of the brewing industry. Autolysis is a process destroying the cell walls of the yeast. This way the human body assimilates completely the heathy content of the nutritional yeast, because the active or living yeast - like any living organism - needs food and does not give but takes from away from the human body everything necessary for its existence.

Another warranty of quality is the lack of bitter taste. Our brewer’s yeast tablets  ABX-2008 have a nutty taste and are manufactured according the technological data of the German company Sommer whose successor is AmosVital.
The other kind is lyophilised Saccharomyces boulardii. This yeast is active or alive and actually it is the well known – the diarrhea medicine "Enterol." Unfortunately due to the small space on the label, we had not printed this useful information till now. As the requirements of Regulation 1169 allows us to write the content of some vitamins and minerals yeast below a fixed percentage without specifying the concrete amount. ?his information will be written on the labels soon.

Please give us a brief description of your products Apple Pectin and Pektinulin. How do you select your raw materials?

I would like to clarify that at the moment of their appearance on the market both products were innovative for Bulgaria. The idea of production was developed by my father, Dr. Veselin Valov. He is well known as the medical officer of the national volleyball team in the past. The initial supplier has been the only apple pectin factory in Balkan Peninsula, situated in Pernik. However the economic situation changed and its production has been stopped.
We were forced to search alternative raw material and we have chosen the Polish product. Usually the pectin is extracted from apples or citrus fruits.

The citrus pectin is extracted from lemons and grapefruit, but does not possess the same qualities. I would advise our customers to read the labels- apple pectin must be written there. The raw material we use is pharmaceutical grade, high esterified and non-standartised. That means the product does not contain added sugar in contrast to the apple pectin used in jams, juices and so on. Pektinulin tablets contain apple pectin and chicory root powder. The product is innovative for Bulgaria as well and improves the healthy effects of the apple pectin in human body.