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Testimonials - Bulgaria

Testimonials - Bulgaria

Dr. Angel Lozanov, Sofia, Bulgaria

My personal experience with The Golden Apple’s products is in the field of professional sport and it is to show their effect is undeniable. Several experiments I have made proved that the intake of AFA in normal quantities and in larger doses as well by professional athletes helps to a much faster recovery and preparation of the body for the next workout.
In my clinic also, we can say from experience that together with other food supplements the products of The Golden Apple have a very positive effect after acute trauma. Our elite sprinter Ivet Lalova is an outstanding example. In the post traumatic period after serious injury – a hip fracture with dislocation – we prescribed four months of uninterrupted intake of 5 grams of Golden Powder a day along with other products of The Golden Apple. Yvette is pleased with the rapid recovery and the rapid muscle growth. She is already in the preparatory stage for the next season because she has recovered.
I have observations on the effects of The Golden Apple’s products in many sports such as figure skating, short track speed skating, rowing and athletics.
In individual and even in team sports The Golden Apple’s products convalesce and revitalize professional athletes and help enhance their performance.

Eddy, Sofia, Bulgaria

I suffered from severe diabetes. I had not happened to get so close to the wonders of nature before I tried microalgae – in less than a month there occurred really tangible changes in my body and my life as a whole, and only positive. Simply amazing. With infinate gratitude I can say that GoldenStemPower of “The Golden Apple” gave me new strength to live. My blood sugar dropped dramatically, by more than half – now I do not need to put in 30 bakery units of insulin three times a day. I had spots on the skin of the feet and ankles due to poor blood saturation, which gradually began to disappear, and I had small sores on the feet (either from minor injuries, or by uncomfortable shoes or just mosquito bites), some of which could not heal for more than a year, but less than a month since I started eating Microalgae, these already small problems disappeared. Diabetes also causes enormous psychological pressure, which in turn leads to uncontrollable situations of anger, to sudden outbreaks of viciousness etc., the direct victims of which usually are the near and dear. Since I have allotted algae a place in my life and trusted their power, I have been much more relaxed and balanced. It is easy to focus, I look towards everything that happens to me with a positive attitude, I have regained sleep (which is invaluable to me), and above all I feel happy again and I enjoy the small joys of life. Now I live in union and blessedness with myself and with nature.

Prof. Dr. Vasil Simeonov, Analytical Chemistry, “St.Kliment of Ochrid” University, Sofia, Bulgaria

GoldenStemPower makes one feel like a newborn. I can guarantee this from personal experience for the last 3.5 months. I am in great intellectual shape. I solve my three major problems – stress, digestion and high blood pressure. GSP is an invaluable product combining the best of nature. Many of my friends and relatives use the new product of The Golden Apple.

Assoc. Prof. Pavlina Simeonova, ScD, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

My vision has stabilized after a critical disease. I think I’ve made this achievement through taking regularly the new product GoldenStemPower for 3.5 months This was confirmed by the latest medical check-up.”

Dr. Liliana Dimitrova, Maxillofacial Surgeon, Hospital of Maxillofacial Surgery, Sofia, Bulgaria

“For me, the new product GoldenStemPower is the high quality petrol which empowers me to master the high competition and tension of everyday life.”

Pavel Hristov, Sofia, Bulgaria

My daughter Tanya Seraphimova had a cold allergy and a sharp pain in her shoulder and the fingers of her left hand. Following a course of ten massages while taking the GSP, the pain disappeared after the fifth session. An acquaintance of hers, Petya Ivanova, had back pain from two dislocated vertebrae. Taking GSP relieved the pain and improved her overall condition. Her husband, a businessman, had high blood sugar (8 units). When taking 3 g of GSP per day, it was normalized without any drugs.

Zdravka Koprinkova, Stara Zagora

In early May 2010 at a check-up with an eye-specialist, I learned that I had the beginning of macular degeneration. The process is irreversible and leads to permanent vision loss. So far, the condition is incurable and drugs can only slow down the rate of development.
I decided that the only thing that could possibly help me is “GoldenStemPower” and shared it with the doctor. In order to make the effect accountable, I did not take any drugs. I took a sachet (3 g) of GSP per day. Since I am not young any longer (I have passed seventy years of age), I took 0.5 kg of collagen because the retina is 65% collagen (I saw on the package that the ingredients of collagen are contained in the algae of GSP).
The control examination at the end of January 2011 found an improved condition of the retina, which made me happy and encouraged. For my “young” age that was a miracle!
Since May 2011, I have also been taking “AstaVista”. I feel great, and my physician was amazed at the very significant improvement in the retina found by the next checkup in the late summer of 2011!
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of these wonderful products. Be safe and sound!

Ivet Lalova, Sofia, Bulgaria

With microalgae, I discovered the power of nature! Full of energy throughout the day and sound asleep all night long! Cleanse the body and lift your spirits! Amazing!

Verka Kristeva, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

With the products of The Golden Apple I solved serious health problems.
I started with “Perun” (chlorella) – 4-6 capsules a day before meals or in the middle of a meal. That is how I regulated the functioning of my gastrointestinal tract.
The problems with my asthmatic bronchitis and my allergies were particularly serious – very difficult breathing, nose was ever stuffy; intolerance to all odours and flavours; to certain foods and to many medicines…
During one of my crises I was in the emergency ward. A professor, after having carefully examined my thick health record, said “we can do no more.” I was shocked.
Luckily, by that time, The Golden Apple were already offering probiotics, enzymes and AFA. I took them for a month, constantly increasing the AFA dosage. I increased the amount up to 3 grams per day. On the seventh day I felt a change for the better. By the end of the month my condition dramatically improved. I would say that for my 78 years I’m a healthy woman. No more headaches, no problems with the vertigo syndrome, with gastritis and the gastrointestinal tract as a whole! NEVERTHELESS, I TAKE CHLORELLA AND AFA EVERY SINGLE DAY. AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR, I TAKE ENZYMES AND PROBIOTICS FOR ONE MONTH.
I have not had the flu for years.
Thanks to the team of The Golden Apple for giving me health and full life so that I can work even at my age.

Dr. Stoyan Stoyanov, Sliven, Bulgaria

I had a patient, a 10-year-old boy with acute pneumonia. I gave him 3 packets of GoldenStemPower a day without any antibiotic, and ten days later he was in good health.
Another case with the same disease, a 41-year-old woman – I recommended her two packets a day for 21 days. This woman is healthy now.

Preslava Preslavova, Sofia, Bulgaria

The first months after I gave birth were very difficult and I needed more energy; I needed the right supplements to help me restore my normal life cycle. So I browsed through your website and decided to buy spirulina and chlorella. When I started taking them, my energy returned and I felt fresh and strong enough to cope with the chores of motherhood. You have no idea how glad I am to have found you! I got quality products at an adequate price … I recommended your products to friends who are also satisfied.
Way to go, ever so revitalizing!

Vladimir Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria

I am a professional musician and play intensively. I am a pianist. I’ve had this hand disease – tendovaginitis – for several years now. I went through several treatments, but for one year now I’ve been taking The Golden Apple’s spirulina. At the beginning I used to take higher doses and nowadays I tend to increase the dosage only in periods of physical exertion. I feel very well and I am pleased with the result. I recommend it to everyone.

P. Peychev, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

I found about The Golden Apple on a very unpleasant family occasion. Our daughter got diabetes. Her condition deteriorated sharply and she fell into a coma at the end of August 2004. She was moved from Stara Zagora to the Pediatric Hospital in Sofia. She spent 20 days in a coma. Later, she could eat alone, but in the beginning she was tube-fed, with a hypercaloric diet. The doctors advised us to add the foods by The Golden Apple to her diet. Until then, we hadn’t heard of the company or its products. We started with AFA in the “Klamath” product and later added “Perun”. The doses were 4-5 capsules per day. By then, all drugs and antibiotics had been stopped, including Pyramem and Piracetal. Fortunately, the recovery was fast – due to the Klamath algae.

Dr. Yanka Amiorkova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Microalgae – this is medicine, this is the future! My personal experience is clear – my blood pressure normalized and now it is stabilized in the normal range. My husband is diabetic, but now he feels very well. His blood sugar level is about 6 and it used to be 13, 15. He takes 2 capsules of “Klamath” in the morning. Both my grandchildren are at university now – one studies medicine, the other – international relations. They passed with excellent grades. They are very satisfied with the products, because they gave them the opportunity to study 17-18 hours a day and sleep for 5-6 hours. Especially my granddaughter – she lost weight, and managed to “hook” her grandmother as well. So I recommended them to my son-in-law’s mother too and now she feels much better. I’m always in for the latest developments; I’ve used other dietary supplements before. Now I can see microalgae give the best results. I took them to heart, I am working hard, people are satisfied. Satisfaction! What more can one wish for!

Rossitza Staykova – Shumen, Bulgaria

I had hypothyroidism combined with autoimmune reaction. My thyroid gland was not functioning at all. As a consequence, I spoke slowly, I thought slowly. The diagnosis was slow degradation of the individual. I realized that “Klamath” worked very well because it refreshes the brain and I already felt the potholes. As a result of taking “Perun” for 15 days, then combining it with “Klamath” I got a very good effect. Now I feel very vibrant and I am very well.