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Certification of the Raw Materials Used in THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Products - Quality Guarantee

Certification of the Raw Materials Used in THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Products – Quality Guarantee


Naturland is a German standard for organic production and processing in accordance with the requirements of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). Naturland certifies and guarantees that the algae are cultivated using plant sources of N (nitrogen) and P (phosphorus) only and no animal fertilizers and additives.

Control IMO
Control IMO is an organic standard of the Institute for Marketecology in Switzerland. It guarantees that the microalgae are 100% organic, cultivated using plant sources of N (nitrogen) and P (phosphorus), with no ingredients of animal origin. Control IMO is consistent with the standards adopted in USA (NOP National Organic Program), Japan (JAS – Japanese Agriculture Standard) and the European Union.

USDA Organic
USDA Organic (United States Department of Agriculture) is a certificate awarded to ‘eco-friendly’ products that do not harm the environment. These are products meeting the USDA NOP standards – National Organic Programme of the Department of Agriculture of the United States. USDA ORGANIC certificate indicates that the product meets USA’s organic standards. It is verified by IMO Switzerland regarding the use of plant sources of N (nitrogen) and P (phosphorus) only.

ECOCERT is a premium biostandard certificate. It indicates that the product meets France’s organic standards. For the professionals ECOCERT is a guarantee for the highest quality and for customers it is a serious sign to trust the product quality. ECOCERT verifies the Japanese bioproduct standards JAS (Japan Agriculture Standard). ECOCERT is a leading organization worldwide. Together with UNESCO, they organize annual “Environment and Sustainable Health” seminars. ECO and EVE (Espaces verts ecologiques – Green Environment Space) are standards developed by ECOCERT. For example, in Paris 100 parks, squares and other sites are EVE certified..


USP – Ingrеdient Verified is a permission to use the logo of the US Pharmacopoeia. It is based on verified GMP. The only microalgae in the world that have this prestigious certificate are THE GOLDEN APPLE’s spirulina products. The US Pharmacopoeia quality standards are recognized in 130 countries. The USP Ingredient Verification Program (a program to establish compliance) ensures that:
a)The ingredients are of consistent quality from batch to batch.
b)The ingredients meet the certificate analysis indicators for origins, strength, purity and quality.
c)The ingredients are produced in accordance with the agreed production method.
d) The ingredients meet the accepted standards for pollution.
USP aims at improving public health around the world through programs and standards to ensure food safety and quality.

BVQI or Bureau Veritas Quality International was founded in 1828. It started with the certification of ships, aircrafts and industrial equipment. It provides ISO 9001, ISO14001, HACCP and other certification.

(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a certificate based on the Food Safety System. It is awarded by BVQI in accordance with the standards established by the Dutch National Board of Experts. It follows 7 main principles. In practice, these are internationally accepted methods to prevent microbiological, chemical and physical contamination during the production of food throughout the production cycle. The HACCP certificate increases customer trust.

United Kingdom Accreditation Service – quality assurance.

HALLAL legal, allowed, permitted (Arab.) Manufactured in accordance with the Sharia (the Islamic law). 95% of the Muslims worldwide observe the Sharia law. The Hallal market has an annual turnover of $ 600 billion and is often called the Hallal industry. It includes restaurants, shops and other businesses with over 1.6 billion customers worldwide.

KOSHER food is produced in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws (KASHRUT). KOSHER includes all parts of the Microalgae, the way they are processed, the full range of products.