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QuattroGi presenting high efficiency boilers Caldaie Ravasio

The well-established company operating in the field of energy solutions and automation QuattroJi presents to the attention of its customers from all over the country the high efficiency boilers of the leading Italian producer of energy technologies and solutions for households and industry Caldaie Ravasio. The company Caldaie Ravasio specializes in the production of boilers and related equipment, both in series and on customer's individual orders.

The product range of Caldaie Ravasio includes highly efficient three-way boilers and low-temperature three-way heating units, condensing boilers and heating units as well as pellet boilers and accessories for them. The boilers are certified with a 3-star rating of the European Boiler Efficiency Directive (92/42 / EEC) and meet all current requirements of the Energy Savings and Low Emissions Regulations. They are suitable for heating and domestic hot water and provide high quality at competitive prices.

The low-temperature three-way heating units have a built-in modular gas burner and are presented in 8 standard models with capacities ranging from 115 KW to 450 KW (GT3 Plus series).
The high efficiency three-boiler boilers are presented in the 3GF Series, which covers 15 models with capacities from 59 KW to 829 KW and 10 models with capacities from 930 KW to 4 651 KW. Compatible with gas and diesel burners, which are also available from Quattro. The boilers in this series can also operate at low temperatures with an input water input limit of 40 ° C respectively for the first 15 models and 50 ° C for the other 10 models at rated power.

The GT3 Plus and 3GF series are equipped with a standard control panel and can be combined with the most suitable model of an additional electronic controller from the same manufacturer.
With detailed technical information, schemes and photos of Caldaie Ravasio's energy solutions, you can find out the catalog, which you can request at, and in a series of subsequent materials, will provide you with more up-to-date and Detailed information from each of the listed product categories.