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Interview with Ms. Silvia Spasova, Sales Consultant, Aviatrans

Interview with Mrs. Sylvia Spassova, Sales Consultant at Aviatrans
Mrs. Spassova, how many years has Aviatrans been on the Bulgarian market and what brands do you represent? A great range of products are available - machines, equipment, accessories, auto cosmetics. Please present them very briefly.

AVIATRANS Ltd. was established in the distant 1995.
In 1997, Avivatrans Ltd becomes an exclusive distributor of the brand LAVOR PRO - Italy, specialized in the production of cleaning equipment for professional use.
In 1998 and 1999, Aviatrans Ltd. became an exclusive distributor of the MAFRA, RS and SUTTER-Italy brands.

In which serctors they can find application?

AVIATRANS Ltd is the official representative for Bulgaria of the Italian factory - producer of professional cleaning equipment LAVOR - World leader in the production of steam cleaners, water-jets, vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning, industrial turbine vacuum cleaners, upholstery extractors and soft floor coverings , Underfloor and waste collection systems, dishwashing machines, steam cleaners and steam generators, automatic car washes and self-service systems. ka LAVOR has international certificates for compliance with global requirements concerning the quality and safety of production - CE, TUV, quality certification - ISO 9001.

It is subjected to numerous tests and tests by the experts of some of the most precise laboratories in the world. The design of the machines is stylish, innovative and attractive, and the operation is easy and efficient. We offer full warranty and post-warranty service from our Authorized Service Center. We have a built-in service base, operating on the territory of the whole country, we have in stock a complete range of spare parts for the offered product range.

I am pleased to present you the largest Italian manufacturer of detergents and auto cosmetics MA * FRA.

MA * FRA is an Italian company that has been operating since 1965. THE MA-FRA AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE, which is well-known throughout Europe, Asia, with new markets in Russia and China, has been in the consumer market for a number of years, and consists of a wide range of products for interior and exterior car cleaning Auto cosmetic centers,

Service and seasonal series of other cleaning and maintenance products that are suitable for both professional use in workshops, the public sector and the household. The production is environmentally friendly and nature conservation.

The fact is that MA-FRA is the first company to eliminate propylene gases harmful to the atmosphere and ozone by manufacturing its products based on herbal ingredients. They have international certificates of compliance with the World Standards on Quality and Safety - CE, TUV, ISO9001, and Environmental Protection Certificate - ISO 14001. Additionally, the products are approved by the Ministry of Health and the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water of the Ministry of the Environment And the waters of the Republic of Bulgaria.

AVIATRANS LTD is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria and the Italian manufacturer of professional cleaning products for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food industry "SUTTER", which has all the necessary certificates according to ISO 9001 and BDS.

"SUTTER" was established in 1858. in Switzerland. Today, it consists of a wide range of companies that develop, produce and sell products of very high quality, thus covering all sectors with their specific requirements and cleaning standards. "SUTTER" is one of the companies in the European market that strives to adapt quickly and qualitatively to the constantly changing cleaning parameters. Much of the company's products are environmentally friendly and 90% biodegradable, environmentally friendly.

In addition, AVIATRANS Ltd offers Italian high-quality accessories and cleaning systems READY SYSTEM for interior cleaning of hotels, hospitals, shops, supermarkets, laboratories, universities and a number of other establishments. READY SYSTEM was founded in 1990 and is closely specialized in the production of domestic and industrial cleaning tools. Already with the launch of the manufacture of vat carts, garbage trolleys and cleaning cloths, READY SYSTEM has gained worldwide reputation. The production includes a wide range of valet carts, waste collection carts, toolboxes with tool attachments, and various cleaning accessories such as mops, dry and wet cleaning cloths, glass sculptures, telescopes, dust brushes and spider webs, brooms , Microfiber, cotton and polyester cloths for floor cleaning and many others.

What type of professional cleaning machines are most used in manufacturing plants? What is the most typical of them?

At Aviatrans Ltd. we have highly qualified consultants. Our goal is to offer the client practical and right solutions. Each machine has specific applications for the particular branch. Our concern is to get to know the problems of the client and his requirements to give a correct and accurate professional proposal. We have built a professional service base with a large number of highly qualified specialists, in which spare parts for all LAVOR machines are maintained.