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Styl, družstvo pro chemickou výrobu

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Czech Republic

Interview with Mr. Husnik, CEO, STYL

How many years have you been on the market? Please present us in short your company and products.

Production cooperative Styl has been operating on the market since its establishment in 1950. Since 1963 it has been involved in chemical production and has always been one of the leading manufacturers of detergents and toilet hygiene on the domestic market. Since 2006 Styl has been successful also on the European market. Styl develops formulations and supplies private labels especially to German customers.

One of your market segments includes tourism - can you tell us specifically which of your products are directed toward hotels, guest houses and other holiday estates? What is their advantage?

For tourists spending their holidays in another country, the cleanliness of the accommodation and catering facilities is always very important.
Styl can offer in this area especially urinal deodoriser blocks for all types of public toilets, also for hotels toilet hinges and toilet blocks, as well as liquid detergents, particularly Larrin for rust and scale, bathroom cleaners and shower cleaners. All these products have been verified in practice over a long period.

Your company vision is very much focused on the quality of your products. Please give us more details, especially in terms of health and environmental protection?

All products of Styl are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice principles and in conformity with REACH regulation, the detergent regulation and other European legislation. All our products have been developed in accordance to prevent environmental pollution, primarily sewage water. Styl company, as a supplier of Kaufland and Tesco, is regularly audited by these customers. STYL is involved in the international system of ethical business SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), and its principles are followed by Styl activities.

Along with your own brands, you are also a specialist in private labels. What is your experience and what are the benefits of working with you?

Our company has been supplying products for over 20 years and is also manufacturing private brands in large retail chains. The largest buyer is Rossmann Germany, we also supply to TESCO, Kaufland and many others. Long-term cooperation with these chains requires the supplier to have complete reliability in terms of supply and quality, and we can offer it to our customers in Bulgaria.

Do you have any export activity on the Balkans? Are you looking for a distributor in Bulgaria to represent you in the Region?

We have the distribution of our brands in Bulgaria, but only a small part of our portfolio is covered. Yes, we are looking for other distributors. Either chains we prefer cooperation in “private labels” area with, or a distributor that covers the entire distribution network in Bulgaria