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Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

Hall 6

Sofia Smart City Marketplace - exhibition and conference

On April 16th, 2019 a stand of Cluster Sofia Knowledge City will be opened for participation in the 7th Southeast Europe Exhibition Smart Cities, which will take place in the period 16-18.04.2019 in Inter Expo Center - Sofia. At a specially organised exhibition area, the cluster will present selected achievements of some of its members under the slogan SOFIA SMART CITY MARKETPLACE.

The cluster, as a partnership between local and international companies, with a coordinated strategy to participate in the process of transforming Sofia into a smart city, aims to show the citizens of Sofia, the business and the Sofia Municipality a part of the educational, scientific and technological opportunities of its members.

The cluster exhibition space will be organised in three areas:

  1. Educational products for a smart city;
  2. Science for a smart city;
  3. Smart City Technologies.

At the moment, 15 members of the cluster, incl. educational institutions, research institutes and companies, claimed participation in the exhibition. They have planned to present over 24 of their research works, projects, and productsto demonstrate their commitment to the Smart Cities topic.

The same exhibitors will also be major participants in the Sofia Smart City Marketplace parallel conference, where they will have the opportunity to present their products in more details. The conference will be opened by representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Economy. In addition to presented technologies, products and models by the exhibitors, other lecturers are invited to discuss the city's strategy, vision and roadmap for its transformation into a smart city. Guests at the conference will also be leading foreign partners of the cluster.