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Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH (КАНТАРНИ СИСТЕМИ)

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Interview with Mr. Herbert Krickl, Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH, CEO

Mr. Herbert Krickl, Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH, CEO

Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH will take part in “Save the Planet” in 2017 again. What business contacts do you intend to establish during the exhibition?

We continously work on enlarging our sales territory. By attending and exhibiting on the “Save the Planet 2017” we hope to fine many new customers and also sales agents for CEE territory. Our weighing systems fit to many different applications starting at onboard weighing on waste collection vehicles (compactors, hook loaders, skip loader,…) up to weighing of LPG in LPG bobtail trucks and wooden pellets delivery in their adequate trucks.

Krickl Waagen Systeme GmbH is a manufacturer of vehicle-mounted weighing systems. What are the benefits from the implementation of your solutions?

Weighing of bulk goods like waste, pellets or cereals are delivered and invoiced in kg to the end customer. Delivered by a truck it would require to have first and second weighing on a weighbridge. These weighbridges are very seldom nowadays and not every town has one public weighbridge. This would require a lot of additional ways to go to find weighbridge.

With an onboard weighing system the truck has a scale embedded and no weighbridge is needed anymore. The quantity of unloaded / discharged goods can be directly measured at the customer. This saves a lot of time and money and enables efficient planning of delivery routes.

Tell us more about your quality policy and support concerning the installation of your systems

All our weighing systems are certified by European metrology notified bodies. Our company runs ISO9001:2008 quality management system for many years already providing the base for high quality product manufacturing and delivery. Installation of our system takes place at our direct customers who build trucks. These companies also offer support in local language and with professional experience in truck mounting and truck building.

What  do you intend to showcase during the three days of the exhibition?

We concentrate on meeting with our existing and potential new customers. An on-board weighing will be simulated with a scale model to explain the functionality to new customers.

What is your forecast for the market development of the sector in Bulgaria and South East Europe?

Due to the current market situation and technology development in these countries the market isn´t really explored and far beyond being satisfied. So there is still high potential business opportunity for the future.