Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Section 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

When we speak about energy - the key words are independence, carbon neutrality, storage and security. These issues will be on focus at the “Energy Efficiency & Renewables” section and they are also among the priorities of the SE European countries in the following years. The Region has great prospects for transitioning towards a more resilient energy system based on clean tech innovations and knowledge, diversification of energy mix and liberalization. Minimizing energy losses is the great opportunity for the countries to improve its energy intensity and competitiveness.
The SE European members can make progress by using the ‘Just Transition Mechanism’ to finance sustainable projects, as the Green Deal will reflect on the national energy and climate plans.

Clean Energy & Effectiveness – a Profitable Business and an Investment with Good Return

seeSUSTAINtec 2020 is postponed.

seeSUSUTAINtec is helping numerous companies enter the SE European market and expand its activity through contacts with new prospects. The event also highlights why it is worth investing in RES and energy efficiency. Promoting the most advanced alternatives for production, heating and cooling, insulation and transport, it will draw the attention of industries, municipalities and the community on how to decrease their expenses and ecological footprint. (In 2018, 20,5% of energy consumption in Bulgaria was from RES).

Overview of the postponed seeSUSTAINtec 2020 – last update: 24 February

Exhibitors’ solutions range includes: plants for energy recovery from waste, biogas and biomass installations, photovoltaic and thermo-solar systems, heats pumps, burners, absorption chillers, machines for drying and granulating wood, agricultural waste and RDF; hybrid energy systems, inverters, solar mounting systems, uninterruptible power supply equipment, automatic transfer switches, harmonic filters, energy efficiency solutions, carbon emissions trading, e-mobility, financing of projects in the ­field of RES, energy efficiency, low carbon transport, etc.

The Conference topics “Active managed buildings“ аnd “Solar rooftop systems” will add value to the event and contribute to having good attendance:

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Statistics from 2019

*Summarized data from Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities and Waste Management & Recycling*


Visitors from 11 countries

Visitors by job position

Manager - 50%
Marketing, Sales - 36%
Expert, Consultant - 14%


From 11 countries

Visitors by geographic distribution

Bulgaria - 79%
International - 21%


from 13 countries.

Visitors by company activity

Manufacture - 48%
Services - 41%
Trade - 11%

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