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We will help you find your new partners in Bulgaria
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Presenting your products to a specialized business audience from   the following branches:

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   Elevators & Escalators

   Forum "Bulgarian Export - Tendencies and Perspectives'
   SEE Solar - South-East European Exhibition on Solar PV and Thermal Technologies.

   The event is one of the prominent specialized trade shows for gifts in South-East Europe.

   AMERICAN HEALTHCAREAND NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO -  with the support of the Foreign Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

   American Tech - Communications, information technologies, electronics, etc. The event was organized under the auspices of the US Commercial Service in Bulgaria

   PROFILES - (former Aluminum & PVC Profile) – International Exhibition on aluminium, wooden and PVC profiles, glass, accessories, machines for doors and windows, launched in 1995.

   Balkan PACkaging - International exhibition on packs, machines and materials, launched in 1997.

   Balkan Food and Drinks - International exhibition on food, drinks & equipment, launched in 1998.

   Balkan Used Equipment - International exhibition on recycled machinery.

   Palette 2004 - International exhibition on paint, varnishes, materials and equipment.

   RES BOAT - Conference series for Thematic Promotion and Dissemination Campaign of Project results & Best Available Technologies on the Danube River

   Bioenergy Forum for South-East Europe – BIOENERGY or how to extract free energy from Nature and from waste


Training Seminars "How to prepare a successful project for European funding


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