Accidents Avoidance
Accidents Avoidance <br/>2022

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What are the benefits for the participants?

  • Direct contact with the conference attendees - your potential clients and partners from different industry sectors and municipalities
  • Personal meetings with leading experts in the field of accident avoidance
  • Expanding your distribution network


I. Construction & maintenance of industrial facilities

  • Design of industrial facilities
  • Exploitation and maintenance for accident avoidance in gas, heat, power and water networks and facilities
  • Special coatings and methods for materials protection
  • Measuring instruments and equipment for industrial installations; Mobile and stationary measurement labs

II. Design, maintenance, reinforcement of buildings - new technologies and materials

  • New materials and technologies for strengthening and reinforcement in construction; Test and measurement of building materials; certification

III. Actions and equipment for reducing the risk of accidents and fires

  • Active and passive measures for fire safety, design, installation and service: Firefighting equipment, Fire detection systems,
    New non-flammable materials, Ventilation installations, Methods of protection against fire or blast, Preparation of fire safety documentation
  • Digital solutions to avoid industrial accidents. Hazard Analysis. Preventive risk management: Monitoring, disclosure and control systems. Data management; Web applications; Real time operations - IoT connectivity of industrial systems;
    Computer simulators for disasters; Risk analysis
  • Industrial security systems: Access Control, Video Surveillance, Signal Security Systems, Security Management Monitoring Centers
  • Rescue Equipment






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