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European Compost Network

The European Compost Network (ECN) is an organization promoting sustainable recycling practices in composting, anaerobic digestion and other biological treatment processes of organic resources.

Its purpose is to work with practitioners, researchers, technicians and policy makers to deliver integrated organic waste recycling solutions that generate high quality products for the benefit of the environment and the users of the recycled products. ECN supports the policy objectives of the European Union through its activities and with its network of knowledgeable experts. ECN directly assists Member States in developing waste management plans and policies that drive them away from large scale landfilling and into the recycling of organic resources. ECN also serves as focal point for developing EU quality standards for bio-waste treatment and compost production; it is a network for the organic waste recycling sector in Europe, as well as the emerging bio-based economy.

ECN’s vision is a Europe in which all organic resources are recycled and recovered in a sustainable way.

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