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5 Mantras for a Happier, Calmer, More Confident You

5 Mantras for a Happier, Calmer, More Confident You

Can one simple phrase actually make a difference in your life? According to Sherianna Boyle, the answer is most definitely yes. She is the author of Mantras Made Easy ($15,, a collection of chants and slogans meant to help people tap into the power of positive thinking. “Just like you are programmed to respond to the ring of your phone, you can program repeated words and phrases into your subconscious mind,” writes Boyle, a licensed school psychologist and adjunct psychology professor at Cape Cod Community College.

“Mantras are a way to clear up negative actions, opening up new pathways for positive ones.” Whether you're looking to manage your anxiety, find more joy in your life, or summon the courage to start a new chapter, Boyle's got a mantra that may help. Below are five of our favorites from her book.

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