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Andrea Di Pasquale

Mr. Andrea Di Pasquale is INNOVA’s CEO. He started working in INNOVA in 2001 after graduating in Electronic Engineering with a specialisation in microelectronics from the Polytechnic of Bari and counts today with extensive expertise in Sales and Project Management.


Separate waste collection - good practices in Southern Italy and the importance of computerized processes

Innovation, sustainability, measurability, effectiveness and replicability. The results of the good practices of ARO BA2 and ARO BA5 represent a success. In less than a year, the 13 municipalities of the province of Bari with a basin of 230,000 inhabitants pass from 20% to 70% of recycling rates with the door-to-door separate waste collection system.
1.    the transition from a curbside collection system to a door-to-door differentiated waste collection system
2.    the role of the INNOVAMBIENTE technological system in a new process model
3.    the future: Business Intelligence applied to the waste sector
Organizing separate "door to door" waste collection is today the only effective system able to ensure reaching recycling targets of over 70% of differentiated waste collection in a short period. It is not a technological problem, but an organizational one, where the added value is not the technology, but the involvement of the community called to collaborate to achieve true environmental sustainability.
It is essential to involve all the actors participating in the process:

  • inhabitants
  • waste collection companies
  • public administration


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