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ARGE Compost & Biogas Association Austria

The ARGE Compost & Biogas Association Austria is as the umbrella organisation of the national organisations now 9 years active, can refer to numerous activities and has established itself fully in Austrian and European professional circles.

The primary purpose of the ARGE is all, which supplies the plant operators and industry companies and give them a positive image and a strengthening of their existence. We achieve this purpose by participating in standardization, organizing training events, implementing research projects and by professional assisting in policy, regulation and laws which preserves your interests.

The ARGE is also involved in a wide extensive network between industry, science and law and has so the possibility to act for the purposes of the branche.

Because of our extensive range of information, such as our website ( and our email-newsletter (at least 12 times a year), we look at the latest developments in the fields of compost and biogas. And so we offer our members and intersted persons excellent information platforms.


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