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2012-01-27 15:30:56

Energy Partnership with Bulgaria

The cooperation with Bulgaria in the context of the energy partnership on behalf of the BMLFUW began in 2001 with the project "Development of an energy partnership with Bulgaria."
Osterreichische Energy Conference

In 2004 the project "Energy Partnership Bulgaria" stimulates the cooperation and new requirements for creating a long-term cooperation. The most important part right from the beginning were the "Osterreichische Energy Conference in Plovdiv".
Most of the projects or facilities have been implemented in this second phase in the solar sector.

The beginning of phase 3 coincided with the EU accession of Bulgaria together on 1.1.2007. In the current phase of the project, emphasis was placed on energy efficiency in the heat supply by the amplified use of solar thermal systems, biomass boilers and CHP (combined heat and power) technologies. Could also consider writing and economic concepts such as contracting system can be implemented successfully.

Especially the cooperation at the local level in identifying and implementing measures of Ma? To optimize energy use in PUBLIC facilities and the modernization of heat supply of municipal institutions was the focus of the work.


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