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b2b Magazine is first luxury business magazine on the Bulgarian market distributed to its readership, at no cost to the reader. There is an online and the printed version – both reaches 200 000 readership/monthly. The print version is gifts for the guests of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants, golf clubs and top sports and recreation centers. It is also distributed to selected managers of large companies as well as owners of successful businesses. b2b Magazine is on board of Turkish airlines and also in Business lounges at Sofia Airport. This media contains interesting analysis, detailed information on the economy and business, and intriguing bits addressed to people with broad influence.

b2b newsletter is a weekly news bulletin with selected news and useful information that is distributed to a total of 70,000 e-mail subscribers.

b2b Legal is print and online magazine about legal practices in business.

b2b Media organizes informational events – discussions, conferences and competitions.


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