Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 27 – 29.03.2018
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 27 – 29.03.2018


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BAIT is the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in the sphere of ICT  in Bulgaria. Presently 100 member companies are enlisted in the association which are generating an annual turnover of 3,6 billion BGN and 11 600 ICT specialists are working for them.The Association includes companies in the trend of hardware, software, system integration, networks,telecommunications, Internet suppliers,Game developers, IoT,  etc.

In 2015 BAIT celebrated 20 years from the founding. BAIT marked the anniversary by publishing a special edition – “BAIT 20 years”. It is an exciting story about the development of the Bulgarian ICT industry through the eyes of all nine former Chairs of the Managing Board

BAIT is a member of DIGITALEUROPE- the voice of the European digital technology industry in which Managing Board is having a representative. As a member of DIGITALEUROPE, BAIT is involved in the formation and implementation of the European ICT policies.

BAIT is actively working for the E–government systems implementation by providing expertise to the public administration and protecting the members’ interests in this area.

BAIT has developed strong relationship with the Government and works together with the Ministries for the realization of the strategic tasks such as: implementation of the ICT in the field of education from the first grade, changing the universities teaching curriculums by taking into account the needs of the ICT business, increasing the intake of the students into ICT specialties, facilitating the procedure of hiring professionals from third countries outside EU, so-called blue cards.

BAIТ works for transparent and competitive business environment and its function is to ensure that the Law on Public Procurement is being respected. In this way, BAIT protects the interests of its members in front of the different institutions

BAIT is a partner and organizer of a lot events which promote the ICT sector.

BAIT AWARDS - BAIT grants the most prestigious industry awards for the contribution to the development of the information and communication technologies known as ICT Oscars.
In the last 4 years BAIT Awards competition were held under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, the entire information on the previous editions and the winners in the various categories by years can be seen here.
Every edition of the BAIT AWARDS distinguish the achievements in the ICT sector during the current year in 12 categories. With this project BAIT wants to promote the best practice, projects and excellences in the ICT sector, to show that Bulgarian ICT companies develop and offer world – class level products and services.

BAIT AWARDS 2016 is the sixth edition in a row. The registration will be open till 24.00 pm on 16 of January, 2017 at

BAIT has established the National Technology Transfer Office in the area of information and communication technology to facilitate the process of technology transfer between innovators, researchers and users of innovations in practice. TTO-ICT is fostering communication between entrepreneurs, companies in the ICT sector, business organizations and universities in Bulgaria and all over the world.








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