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Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster


The mission of Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster (established in 2007) is to promote distributed generation, utilisation of RES and smart energy systems in the Northern Region of Poland, with a special focus on built environment.

Main activity areas concentrate on introduction and promotion of a widely understood idea of distributed co-generation, i.e. simultaneous small and medium scale production of thermal energy and electricity from renewable energy sources via realization of common projects as well as consulting and education activities. In particular, Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster activities are focused on the following thematic areas:

  • Cogeneration of small and medium-scale thermal and electric energy
  • Hydrogen technologies and fuel cells
  • New electro-hydrodynamic and plasma-based material nanotechnologies for cogeneration power plant components
  • Production and conversion of solid, liquid and gas biofuels
  • Energetic plant production technologies
  • Utilisation of water, wind, and solar energy
  • Assistance in developing the agro energy industry
  • Research laboratories, and demonstration and training centres
  • Implementation projects (i.e. building agro energy complexes, modernisation of boiler houses and their adaptation to biomass burning, building wind farms, building the water power plants)