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Bulgaria follows the global trends for the introduction of intelligent ITS applications

2014-04-15 15:59:03

Bulgaria follows the global trends for the introduction of intelligent ITS applications

‘Smart Cities’ 2014 has been realized thanks to the key stakeholders in urban development. It showed that it is a time for scale-up intelligent solutions in buildings, in transport and energy sector for better quality of life and more clean environment.

Advanced technologies were showcased in the field of mobility, energy management and smart grids, building management and automation systems, ICT & telecommunications, telemetry and telematics, energy-saving lighting.

Speakers from European institutions and well-known companies presented different topics related to legislation and technology developments.

We are pleased to share with you the results in the Post Event Report and to announce the new date: March 11-13, 2015.

We introducе one of the sponsors – SWARCO.  Have a nice reading of the interview with the Managing Director Vassilis Mizaras.

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Would you please briefly introduce your company and the spectrum of SWARCO’s capabilities?

Swarco Group consists of 80 companies with more than 2700 employees throughout the world committed to the successful realization and maintaining the leading role in the traffic control and road safety industry, delivering solutions in:

·         Urban traffic control management
·         Interurban traffic control management
·         Public transport management
·         Access and parking systems
·         Street lightning
·         Enforcement applications
·         Signalling
·         Road marking systems

Intelligent street lightning is discussed a lot today. Why do you think it should be applied in Bulgaria?

In times of global warming and rising energy deficiency there is a raise in the need for sustainable and energy efficient applications such as LED street lighting luminaries and centralized lighting control. Application of such technology makes possible the reduction of emissions and economical expenses.


What are your solutions for mobility?

In today's world, the need for efficient and environmentally friendly transportation and information about services determines the supply and commissioning of modern systems, contributing to the realization of the so called "mobility" of the passenger and drivers. As a leader in technology for transportation and traffic, Swarco has in its product range solutions for mobility that can be integrated into a single platform for ITS applications, enabling effective monitoring and coordination between different institutions.




You offer effective management of intersections and adaptive control systems. What savings can be realized through them?

Through the use of centralized adaptive systems for traffic control, it is possible to optimize the use of the full capacity of the transport infrastructure in the city. Implementation of such a system reduces the time of usage of the transport network of the city during a trip, which has a significant positive economic and environmental effects. Swarco solutions in the field of adaptive traffic control include the possibility of giving priority to public transportation over the rest of the traffic passing through the intersection, providing further optimisation to the urban mobility.

Could you please tell us about your projects in Bulgaria and abroad?

Swarco has an extremely rich experience in realization of complex ITS projects in various countries, including the management of urban/interurban traffic, public transport systems and information service for passengers, parking control and others. More information about implemented projects can be found at: http://www.swarco.com/en/References/Map-View

Swarco have presented on the Bulgarian market since the year of 2001, offering materials for road marking, traffic light signal heads and controllers.

The signal heads of over 300 intersections in Sofia are gradually replaced over the years with energy-saving LED signal heads, manufactured by Swarco Futurit. Through the use of signal heads by Swarco Futurit energy savings of up to 7 times lower compared to standard light bulbs are achieved. High reliability and optical perception of traffic light signal heads "FUTURIT" contribute to improving road safety in the city of Sofia. Traffic light signal heads and controllers are installed also in other large cities such as Plovdiv, Burgas and Stara Zagora.

What is your forecast for the market development of intelligent solutions in Bulgaria and worldwide?

Bulgaria follows the global trends for the introduction of modern ITS applications. Through the realization of projects for sustainable and integrated urban transport in big cities, Bulgaria will have contemporary solutions in this area, which will significantly improve the quality of the services and traffic in cities. The realization of the first series of ITS projects are the first steps that will enable the accumulation of local expertise, as well as role models for the other cities.

Swarco is dedicated to the development of modern ITS applications that meet the needs of the ever increasing mobility and improved road safety. Through the experience gained during its 40 years of history Swarco is involved in cooperative development and the successful implementation of innovative systems, as well as through participation in international conferences and associations.

Through the affordability of modern communication technology it is possible to integrate innovative ITS solutions such as data exchange between vehicles and infrastructure (V2V and V2I). Similar projects are already in the process of implementation in Europe (for example, HeEro e-call), and the other pilot projects are in the process of testing (for example, communication between vehicle and intersection: http://www.swarco.com/en/News-Events/News/Archive/Talking-traffic-lights).


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