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Bulgarian Transport Press LTD.



1680 Sofia, 8 Iskarski Prolom St. Fl. 3 (office)
1463 Sofia, P.O.Box 5 (mail)

(+359 2) 808 18 40, 958 00 31, 958 00 34
(+359 2) 958 15 75,,,,,

BTP – Bulgarian Transport Press Ltd. is media company in the fields of transport and logistics as well as commercial vehicles.
Our portfolio comprises the following trade press publications and events:

Publisher of:
LOGISTIKA magazine
KAMIONI (commercial vehicles) magazine
STROITELNA TECHNIKA (construction machines) magazine
AVTOBUSSI (bus & coach) supplement
VANOVE (vans) supplement
WHO IS WHO in Transport & Freight Forwarding in Bulgaria – official annual directory

Trade Events:
- Truck Show KAMIONI - the show for trucks and the people involved with them
- Logistics Business Conference - the right event at the right time at the right place
- workshops and other special events in the field of logistics, transport and commercial vehicles.