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Internet Ogledalo is the first professional magazine for IT managers in Serbia.

The magazine is primarily focused on the application of software solutions in the business, as well as on the development and improvement of managerial knowledge and skills in the field of information technology. Internet Ogledalo is the most heterogeneous magazine for the business application of IT solutions, with the largest subscriber base of business users in the country.

Since 2010, when it was digitized, it has been using advanced solutions and services through SaaS platform, leads to a large number of readers in Serbia and the region. Its readership has the highest percentage of the business population (CIOs, CEOs and other people who deal with IT in government, public and private companies).

Every year, Internet Ogledalo publishes the thematic special issue, which is visible on its website during the year. The biggest global brands appear in the annual special issues where they present their solutions.
Internet Ogledalo has been presented on the market for 18 years and represents a reliable source of information in the IT sector in Serbia and the region.