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Calypso Networks Association gathers operators, authorities, ministries, suppliers, consultants, service providers implementing Calypso, an open technology that ensures a high security level for contactless transactions and provides technical interoperability between networks in a multi-service eco system. Following international standards, Calypso is very easy to implement and allows the full return on investments. Calypso is the only technology providing technical interoperability between networks and ensuring multi supplier environments from the IC provider and beyond. It offers multi-sourced compliant products and is not only available as microprocessor native card but as Java Card Applet on new portable objectives such as smart phones, USB keys, smart cards.

More than 100 smart ticketing schemes worldwide have adopted Calypso technology. Among these schemes that serve millions of users daily are:
Lisbon, Paris, Porto, Nice, Naples, Brussels, Mexico City, Montreal, Casablanca, Jerusalem, Riga, Milan and many more cities.

CNA’s main activities are certification, provision of the generic transport applet, governance of the Triangle interoperability application, direction of the reference specifications, contribution to the international standardization process and promotion. CNA membership is open for all interested in this field.

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