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Company IVAN has been producing high quality fitness equipment for over 20 years.

Company IVAN has been producing high quality fitness equipment for over 20 years. In October 2015 some of it was presented at the Sofia Sport & Healthy Life exhibition. Here are a few words by the manager Mr. Ivan Todorov about the start and development of the company:

I started training over 30 years ago and was an active and successful body-building competitor up until a few years back. There weren’t fitness clubs back then, so I decided to make my own. I started with the help of my friends and some available materials.
Gradually, I would develop new exercise equipment with higher quality materials and would replace the old one until I became fixated on producing it – not just for Bulgaria, but also abroad.

We have been on the market for over 20 years now, and each year we develop more functional equipment. Our latest series – “Strong Line”, is made from much higher quality and more solid materials, and boasts a variety of colors and design. We have always strived to make our equipment functional and not just “for show”.

Sport has developed immensely in Bulgaria during the last few years. Many people from different towns decided to open their own fitness clubs, which definitely has a positive impact on the fitness equipment market.
As I mentioned, our latest product series is “Strong Line” and anyone willing is welcome to come to Ruse, where it is produced, to see it in person, try it out or place an order.

We always offer consulting to our future clients about what is best and most appropriate for a functional fitness club. All our products can be viewed on our webpage - IVANBG.COM

We do our best to make our clients happy with their choice.