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Confindustria Bulgaria


For 15 years Confindustria Bulgaria has been the voice of Italian entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. The association unites the Italian industrial community in the country, supports its activities and facilitates its initiatives.
Confindustria Bulgaria unites more than 300 companies, from large international companies to a number of small and medium-sized enterprises which have invested and developed their operations in Bulgaria over the years. Italian companies in Bulgaria provide job for more than 25 thousand workers, employees and executives.

Since the 1990s, EUR 2 billion of investments have been made in Bulgaria by Italian companies, which have directed their efforts towards a number of sectors – from manufacturing to energy, from agriculture to services. Each year Italian companies contribute for the generation of approximately 5% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

Italy ranks second among the European economic partners of Bulgaria. The sectors it takes part in are multiple, starting from textile and shoe manufacturing, machine building, food, construction and coming to the energy sector and innovative technologies.

The activity of Confindustria Bulgaria develops along three lines:

-    Identity and representation
Italy has a strong presence in the social and economic life of Bulgaria. This is the result of the long history of commercial and cultural exchange between the two countries. History, which became even more robust due to their common affiliation with the European Union. Confindustria Bulgaria represents its member before local social and economic institutions with the conviction that the development of the Italian entrepreneurial community would not be possible without the harmonious growth of the Bulgarian market as a whole.

-    Information and Networking
Confindustria Bulgaria constantly informs its members of the development of the Bulgarian economy by means of a daily bulletin and technical workshops. Furthermore, Confindustria Bulgaria is an important point of contact for Italian and Bulgarian companies. The large number of organized events allows the member companies to share their entrepreneurial experience and to find effective solutions for their needs.

-    Services offered
Confindustria Bulgaria provides services, both on its own and through internal companies, in support of the operations of its members. From initial orientation to legal, accounting and administrative support, the members of Confindustria Bulgaria can count on an efficient operating structure and a network of specialized consultants.

Confindustria Bulgaria is a part of the Confindustria System – the main representative organization of the Italian enterprises and service companies established in 1910 – and it shares its values, code of ethics and the conviction that a free enterprise and the free performance of economic activities in the context of a market economy are factors for the development and advancement of society as a whole.

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