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Dragana Radanov

Sales and Project Engineer for Central Europe, WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH

Reference Projects:                
2017    RO plant, Landfill name undisclosed, Republic of Serbia
2017    Rental RO plant, Landfill name undisclosed, Republic of Serbia
2017    MBR trial, Wastewater from petrol industry, Slovenia
2015    RO plant, Landfill and client name undisclosed, Greece
2015    RO plant, Landfill Tagarades, Mesogeos S.A. , Greece
2014    RO plant, Landfill Kastijun, Helector S.A. , Republic of Croatia
2014    NF trial, Dyechem, Maroco
2014    MBR + AC, Syngenta, O Porriño, Spain


Handling of municipal solid waste (MSW) always produces liquids with high pollutions. The so-called “waste derived liquids” occurs from transport of waste, dewatering from waste bunkers, me-chanical - biological technologies for waste treatment, pre-treated digestate, washing procedures of biogas or new and operated or old and dormant landfills. Characteristics of this type of liquids vary, but compared to municipal wastewater, it has a low volumetric flow and very high concentra-tions of pollutants such as COD, BOD, TSS, ammonium, heavy metals and salts. Suitable treat-ment processes before discharging to sewer or river are required – always customized to the spe-cific site – with the option for potential re-use of water.

Within this presentation different processes combinations – using “elimination” and/or “separation technologies” – for successful treatment of waste derived liquids are introduced. Specific aspects for a combined treatment of several liquids in a central treatment plant at the waste facility are highlighted.

A successful operating plant is presented with operational figures and operational costs – based on WEHRLE experience out of more than three decades and more than 200 full scale installations in similar process combinations and applications worldwide.

Keywords: waste derived liquids, landfill leachate, MBT wastewater, digestate, BIOMEMBRAT®, Membrane BioReactor, MBR, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Granular activated carbon.

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