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Accidents Avoidance <br/>2022

DTS will present at NO accidents Socomec Expert Solutions for Electricity, Lighting and Process

For almost a century, Socomec has been creating expertise and delivering innovative solutions designed to achieve optimum electrical performance. "Thanks to the wide range of products, solutions and services that it is constantly improving, Socomec is a proven expert in the new technologies used to ensure maximum reliability of energy supply of critical objects.

Energy conversion
Ensuring accessibility and storage of high quality electricity

The range of Socomec devices used to ensure maximum reliability in mission-critical facilities includes:

- Static Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for high quality energy without distortions and interruptions occurring in the primary power source;
- Switching high-efficiency power sources to transfer power to a backup source;
- Continuous monitoring of electrical equipment to prevent damage and reduce operational losses;
- Energy storage to ensure the correct structure of energy consumption in buildings and to stabilize the electricity grid.

Power switching
Power management and protection of people and facilities

Socomec has been active in the industrial switching equipment market since its founding in 1922. "Today, it is the undisputed leader in low voltage switchgear, providing expert solutions," These solutions guarantee:

- Insulation and switching off under voltage in the most demanding applications of switching equipment;
- Continuous power supply of the electrical equipment by manual remote or automatic switching;
- Protection of people and property through fuse-based and other special solutions.

Power monitoring
Building energy efficiency management

Socomec's solutions, from current sensors to the wide range of innovative expansion software packages, are being developed by energy efficiency experts. "They also meet the most stringent requirements of managers and operators of commercial, industrial and administrative buildings. Compliance is with regard to:

- Measuring energy consumption, identifying sources of excessive consumption and raising the awareness of residents about their impact;
- Restricting reactive electricity and avoiding related tariff penalties;
- Utilization of optimal tariffs, verification of utility bills and accurate allocation of electricity costs to consumers;
- Monitoring and detection of insulation damage.

Expert services provided by Socomec
Provision of accessible, safe and efficient electricity

Socomec offers a wide range of additional services to ensure the reliability and optimization of end-user equipment, including:

- Preventive and service activities to reduce the risks and increase the efficiency of work;
- Measurement and analysis of a wide range of electrical parameters, providing recommendations for improving the quality of electricity in the site;
- Optimization of total acquisition and maintenance costs and safe transition when replacing old with new generation equipment;
- Consulting and training from the design stage to the final stage of purchase;
- Assessment of the performance of the electrical installation throughout the life cycle of the devices by analyzing the data transmitted from connected devices.

Digital transmission systems - the exclusive distributor and service center of Socomec for Bulgaria.

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