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Economic Chamber of Macedonia

Economic Chamber of Macedonia

Chambers, as representatives and advocates of the interests of the economy, are a characteristic of all social, economic and political systems. As in the case of many other institutions and associations, differences and variations in chamber organization are the result of relations in production within the specific social system. But, they have always been and are an important economic factor, according to many analysts they come immediately after the most representative political institutions – the parliament and the government. Therefore, nearly a century ago, one of the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom said:”It is better to have a Chamber as a partner in the conception of laws rather then having it as an opponent at the implementation stage”.

The beginnings of the chambers organization on the territory of Macedonia dates from July 14th,1922 when the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with a seat in Skopje, was established by law, as professional organization –representative body protecting the professional and economic interests of its members.

The Companies Law of 1931 transformed the chambers into advisory and auxiliary bodies of state authorities, which simultaneously took over certain public juridical functions (issue of permits, certificates, authorizations, court arbitration, appointment of court experts, etc.).

This legislation made the Chamber subordinate to interests of the state and contributed to chamber organization losing its independence.

With the Charter of the Presidium of ASNOM (Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia), dated February 18th,1945 a single Chamber of Commerce and Industry  was established, with a jurisdiction over the territory of Macedonia, then a federal unit.

One of the initiators for the establishing of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Macedonia was the President of the Presidium of ASNOM Metodija Andonov –Cento, long year’s member of the Managing Board of the prewar Chamber.

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