Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019

Aneta Piperkova

2017-03-02 11:24:19

Aneta Piperkova - Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine

Aneta Piperkova has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, passing successively through retail and wholesale production of medicinal products, international trade and logistics. Nearly 10 years of her work biography have passed with her being the head of a regional multinational distribution center, providing drug supply for Bulgaria and other countries from Southeast Europe and Asia.

She is currently an Operational Director of "ProDuCt - Project Development Consulting" SA, a company focused on the management of logistics projects in the field of personalized medicine and is working hard for the development and promotion of the process of supporting molecular diagnostics in Bulgaria.

Aneta Piperkova holds a Master degree in Information Technology from the Technical University of Sofia. She has further qualifications in areas such as: project management in the health sphere; systems for quality management and management of the good manufacturing and distribution practices, applicable in the pharmaceutical industry; good clinical practice in the clinical trials. In 2016 she acquires a Certificate of completion of a "Master class in precision medicine" in London.
She has been a member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine since its creation in February 2014.

From e-health to Personalized Medicine

The presentation presents the vision for the development of the Personalized medicine as a medicine based on data and evidence gathered from real life and the crucial role of information and communication technologies for the collection, storage and analysis of medical and other data from real world.
Application of the electronic health records and electronic medical records in precision or genomic-based medicine and embedding them in analytical platforms for compilation and analysis of genomic data and other data and evidence from real world (RWD / RWE).

The challenges the BIG DATA faces in accelerating the initiatives of the Personalized medicine.Other applications of data and evidence from real world (RWD / RWE) in the field of clinical studies, pharmacovigilance in real time and HTA (Health Technology Assessment).
The challenges the healthcare system in Bulgaria faces, strategic objectives for the development of Personalized medicine, key messages.














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