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Foundation for Local Government Reform (FLGR)

FLGR is an independent professional resource center, assisting local authorities. Its mission is to promote effective, partnership-based local development, based on democratic values, social inclusion and prosperity.

The main spheres of expertise of FLGR are: ▪ Training ▪ Participatory Local Governance ▪ Good Governance and Integrity ▪ Better Administrative Services  ▪ Innovative Practices  ▪ Increasing the capacity of the NGO sector  ▪ Strategic planning

FLGR through study visits and exchanges supported the development of local democracy in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Georgia, Kosovo, Romania, Kaliningrad Region, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

FLGR was part of the European network of local authorities for exchange of experiences LOGIN since its creation in 1999 until its closure at the end of 2011.

FLGR was part of the Mayors Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Inclusion Network (MERI) 2013 - 2014.

FLGR is a founding member of Donor Fund Bulgaria.

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