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2014-01-29 11:34:31

German RETech Partnership  - The network of German companies and institutions in the waste management and recycling industry

Resource management is a global challenge. Water, soil and air often are polluted as a result of improper waste disposal. Without an advanced waste management and recycling industry in place, economic growth exacerbates these problems. At the same time, secondary raw materials, which could be recovered by proper recycling, are being wasted.

Therefore, the protection of the environment, health, climate, resources and energy efficiency are increasingly important issues. Proper treatment of waste is not a luxury but a necessity for ecological, economic and social reasons. It is also vital for sustainable growth and prosperity.

The German waste and recycling sector has set itself high national standards for more than 20 years. Companies have invested heavily in research and development to provide solutions to numerous problems, and have gathered extensive experience along the way. This is why Germany’s medium-sized enterprises, in particular, have become specialists in their fields of activity and are ideally prepared to solve relevant problems.

  • Companies in the German waste management and recycling industry have extensive know-how and specialist knowledge on each step in the disposal chain.
  • They are trendsetters for recycling procedures as well as for efficient production and operation processes.
  • They are masters of advanced technology as well as basic technical solutions and can provide a wide variety of solutions.
  • They are known for their problem-solving expertise as well as their legal and planning security.
  • They can provide customized solutions for the entire process chain at the technical and service-related interfaces.
  • They get things up and running and they have an extremely reliable reputation.

The German RETech Partnership is the one-stop shop for international decision-makers interested in advanced waste management and recycling solutions, and who seek access to know-how and technology ‘Made in Germany’. The German RETech Partnership connects companies, scientific institutes and governmental bodies interested in transferring knowledge and exporting technologies. The non-profit network covers the fields of research, planning, equipment, logistics, operations and marketing secondary raw materials.

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International Environmental Exhibition on Waste Management and Recycling for South-East Europe
Save the Planet is the only specialized business event in Bulgaria dedicated to waste management, following the trend of replacing the ‘take, make, dispose' model with a ‘circular economy’ approach across Europe.
Event Start Date:Tuesday March 27, 09:30
Event End Date:Thursday March 29, 19:30
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Bulgaria, Sofia 1784
Free admission
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