Waste Management & Recycling 16 – 18.04.2019
Waste Management & Recycling 16 – 18.04.2019


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IndustryInfo.BG – The Portal of the Bulgarian industry is an information source and a web media for all fields and segments of the industry in Bulgaria. The enterprise and the development are done by the leading publishing house for specialized technical publications TLL Media Ltd. (www.tllmedia.bg).

Made with the aim to combine, concentrate and organize the abundance of information about products, technologies, know-how, services for the industry – systems, solutions and applications, published in the web and print media in Bulgaria and around the world.

Specialized industrial portals:
Electronics – Electronics-Bulgaria.com
Automation - Automation-Bulgaria.com
Measuring equipment - Measurement-Bulgaria.com
lectrical Equipment - Electrical-Bulgaria.com
Lighting - Lighting-Bulgaria.com
HVAC - HVAC-Bulgaria.com
Water and Sewage - Water-Bulgaria.com
Machinebulding - Machinebuilding-Bulgaria.com
Power Industry – PowerIndustry-Bulgaria.com
RES - Renewables-Bulgaria.com | Ecology – Ecology-Bulgaria.com

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