Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Section 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

Energy-saving systems in the hotel industry, large office buildings and industry. For a second consecutive year, QuattroGi will take part in the EE and RES exhibition.

Interview with Mr. Gianfranco Brusaporci, Manager of QuattroGi.

Mr Brusaporci, what will you focus on in 2018 during your participation?

This year's main focus will be on energy-saving systems in hotels, large office buildings, and manufacturing. How and how much energy is saved through them? For hotel and office buildings, the system we recommend ensures the heating and air conditioning of the whole site without the consumption of electricity. With current gas and electricity prices in Bulgaria, investment in such a system, including full maintenance, is paid back between 3 and 4 years and has a useful life of 13-14 years depending on the hours of operation and other factors. This means that the savings over the next ten years far exceed the amount invested, which is also suitable for financing through leasing schemes or energy efficiency loans on preferential terms by large and well-established financial institutions in the country.

Is it worth this extra commitment from the point of view of bureaucracy, risk-taking, interest calculation?

The global trends, which Bulgaria can not keep aloof, are towards ever more optimizing energy consumption. Still many of the big energy consumers prefer to save on the cost of the equipment instead of the cost of the energy consumed.

However, it is time to look at energy efficiency in the long run, as we look at the development of our business, as managing energy consumption and energy costs significantly improves the competitiveness of every business, and the results are beginning to be seen in the first months after the applying of the technology.

Do you have actual examples of that?

Many of our customers install a second or even a third system. The reason is that thanks to the energy savings they have managed to expand their operations and need additional capacities. You can hear it personally because we recently launched a campaign to share our customers' experiences from different sectors - both about technology and their work with the Thermogam Group, which also includes QuattroGi. The first interviews in the series are now available on Youtube Channel - Termogamma Energy Solutions, as well as on the website of the band - www.termogamma.net.

Did you also mention energy saving systems in the manufactaring? How is it different from the system for hotel and administration buildings?

This system is suitable for specific industries where cooling is needed throughout the year. These are, for example, plants for plastics or pharmaceutical factories, printing works, but also others in which the production equipment has to be cooled or maintained at room temperature. Appropriate applications for the technology are also the computing centers.

The compact system can be mounted indoors or outdoors, concentrating a large cooling output - from 400kW to 1200kW - and is extremely economical. In practice, it works without consuming any energy for much of the year thanks to the specially developed smart mode. The system uses the temperature of the environment during the cold months, which for the climate of Bulgaria are between five and seven months - from October to April. During this period a mean energy efficiency rate of 24 is reached, while in traditional chillers this rate is 5.5. Even in the warmer months, the system works much more efficiently than traditional systems.

What would you say to your potential customers who are still considering an investment and do not know what energy system to choose?

This is an investment with extremely high returns and the higher their energy costs, the sooner they have to take that step. They should not look short-term choosing the cheapest system as their business will continue to consume and consume energy in ten to fifteen years and this is a time when they could enjoy huge financial benefits from a highly efficient energy system. We are talking about annual financial benefits of more than one hundred thousand euros for years. There are hardly many investment opportunities that can boast such profits.


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