International b2b Forum
28 – 29.06.2018
International b2b Forum<br/>28 – 29.06.2018

Christian Verbrugghe




  • a master in electronic engineering and bachelor in business administration,
  • has been working for +30 years internationally in product development, service, sales, marketing, management
  • + 17 years active in coating business & related associations
  • Director of ZingaMetall


To extend the lifetime of steel structures it is crucial to choose a durable & cost effective anti-corrosion solution for each specific location and situation.
Many steel structures have been hot-dip galvanised from the start which gave the structure a long lasting active protection, also called cathodic protection, due to the high concentration of zinc in the dry layer. One of the advantages is that the active zinc layer is measurable which means that the performance and expected lifetime of the protection is predictable, which is not always the case with passive barrier coating systems.
The challenge with previously hot-dipped structures is how to re-galvanise the structure on site without dismantling it ? It is possible with ZINGA.
The liquid applied ZINGA technology is offering an active cathodic protection due to its 96% high zinc concentration in the dry film.
It can be applied just like a paint in the workshop or on-site, using the traditional application and painting tools.
It will re-charge the original galvanic protection and as such reduce the maintenance and life-cycle costs because of its unique characteristics.
This is the uniqueness of an organic zinc rich film galvanising system, protecting new and old steel against corrosion in a cost effective way.




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