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Exeron - a Bulgarian smart solution in the energy sector

Exeron - a Bulgarian smart solution in the energy sector

Depletion of natural resources, economic and environmental issues provoke the search for new approaches and innovations so that we can cope with the serious challenges we face.

In this issue of our e-newsletter we will meet you with Exeron - an outstanding Bulgarian achievement in  the energy sector and you will get acquainted with the latest news from the international partners of the 10th edition of the South-East European Exhibition and Forum on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EE & RE) and Smart Cities (5-7 March,2014): 

  • Transparent’ discovery in solar industry
  • Which buildingin Spain has recently obtained LEED Platinum certification?
  • A+++ Solar Systems on the Market In 2015
  • Did all Member States of the European Union succeed in transposing the Energy Efficiency Directive?

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Parallel Events: Save the Planet (Waste Management & Recycling) and LiftBalkans (Elevators & Escalators)



Interview with Alexander Rangelov,
CEO of International Power Supply (IPS)


Please provide a brief description of your products and specify the field they are used in.

Currently IPS manufactures 33 different products. Our power systems are used in Renewable energy sector, Telecommunications, Energy, Defense, Agriculture, and any other fields where the aim is to achieve safe and reliable power supply combined with maximum efficiency.

Tell us more about Exeron – a hybrid modular system for autonomous power supply.

We developed Exeron about 2 years ago. This was our top innovation. The system was recognized in Munich as the first and only modular hybrid system worldwide. The particular in Exeron is the capability of combining 5 energy sources in 1 system – sun, wind, batteries, diesel generator and grid, if there is one available. Exeron is entirely based on a modular structure. It has many advantages - high efficiency, lowering the costs of the conventional energy, unified structure, easy repairing and maintenance, replacing a module takes only a few seconds in case of a defect, extremely small size, mobility etc. The system ensures full energy independence and can be monitored remotely from every where in the world that has access to the global network. The redundant energy, that is unused by the loads, can be stored in batteries for further use or it can be back feeded to the grid.

Exeron allows establishing of an autonomous and integrated power supply system with capacity up to 65 MW in paces of 2 kW. At the same time, the system can provide energy storage in batteries - up to 315 MWh.It has application in various areas- from power pumps for extraction of water, through power supply of single houses and sites for mobile telecom operators to power supply of entire residential neighborhoods.

 Where do you see the potential of our market in intelligent energy solutions?

In practice,smart energy solutions can be applied everywhere. Increasingly, those solutions are integrated into everyday life, as they help to achieve energy efficiency and autonomy, which are primary elements affecting every citizen. 

Which will be the leading trends in the coming years?

On the background of growing prices of electricityand electrical instability such systems will become increasingly relevant. The Energy independence, the efficiency and the autonomy will increasingly take leading positions on a global scale. 

IPS takes part at exhibitions around the world – just to mention some of them from the last year: EE and RE, Intersolar, GulfSol and PowerNigeria. What is their role for the expansion of your business?

We focus on the markets in Africa and Middle East, so the role of these local and international exhibitions is key to our business. These are emerging markets and in these countries, the need for electricity is paramount. 

What do you expect from your participation in the exhibition for EE and RE and Smart Cities in 2014?

In the next year's edition IPS expects to meet many new friends, clients and partners within the country.



News from our Partners:Solar International, FuturEnergy, InstalNews.ro and  ESTIF

A Transparent Future

A glimpse of the future of BPIV transparent PV has being shown by a team at the Institute of Photonic Sciences. High power conversion of new solar cells that are thin, flexible, and transparent make them ideal for a wealth of new applications.

Cell color may be tuned by changing the layer configuration of the photonic crystal.

In a recent study carried out in the group led by Prof. Jordi Martorell and published in Nature Photonics, researchers have fabricated semi-transparent Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) cells utilizing a light-trapping layered architecture to obtain an optimal light harvesting.

In general, solar cells achieve their maximum light to electricity conversion with opaque devices. When thinning the back metal electrode to just a few nanometers to turn opaque cells into semi-transparent ones, the device’s capacity to collect sunlight is dramatically diminished. ICFO researchers implemented a semi-transparent cell incorporating a photonic crystal to trap near infrared and ultraviolet light while reaching a cell performance almost as good as its opaque counterpart. The combined high levels of efficiency and transparency make these cells an extremely competitive product for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPVs). To reach the adequate architectural look, the color of the cells may be tuned by simply changing the layer configuration of the photonic crystal.

A recently approved European project entitled SOLPROCEL will allow a consortium of top European researchers and industries led by ICFO to boost the study of the capabilities of these cells, improving their stability and lifetimes as well as obtaining the material needed to substantially raise their efficiency.

New photovoltaic architectures and materials will be investigated in the framework of Solprocel to improve the efficiency and functionality of organic cells.

Solution Processed High Performance Transparent Organic Photovoltaic Cells (SOLPROCEL) is a new European project which will be coordinated by UPC Professor at ICFO, Jordi Martorell. The inspiration for this project came when COMSA EMTE and ICFO realized the potential of an organic photovoltaic (OPV) based technology for incorporation in transparent modules to generate electricity. However there are still many challenges which must be overcome before OPV technology is ripe for module production.

In SOLPROCEL, companies will be guided by three research institutions which can provide complementary know-how in three of the fundamental aspects of OPV technology: nano-fabrication, light management, and organic synthesis. The project has quantifiable goals for obtaining the material needed for fully solution-processed high performance transparent OPV cells, in order to dramatically raise the efficiency of such cells.

At Solar International we recognise the importance of greater efficiency in production as a key driver.  Optimising the processes will ensure profitability for investors and operators: from the production of raw materials to discrete manufacturing of complete solar panels, all the way to control and communications systems in field installations. How will it be done and who will make the most effective contribution?

Solar International is a global title dedicated to news, reviews, technical research and commercial information relating to solar PV manufacturing. Read by senior management including, CEO, Financial, Chief Engineer,  in charge of all parts of the value chain from materials, equipment, metrology, automation, BOS, to end device, the module. Emphasis is placed on information which will improve the process and offer solutions to current challenges that negatively affect cell and module manufacturing.

Organiser of the international Solar Industry Awards and publishers of Solar UK, Solar MENA and Solar China (Mandarin).



Repsol Campus is certified as one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe

Repsol Campus has obtained the LEED-NC certification in the Platinum category, the highest distinction possible for new constructions awarded by the prestigious U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The LEED-NC certificate (new constructions and major renovations) guarantees that the entire building was designed and built according to the strictest sustainability criteria.

Repsol Campus is located on Calle Méndez Álvaro in Madrid and occupies 123,000 m2. It consists of 4 buildings forming a cloister around a large central garden; its size is 1.5 times the size of a football pitch, with 100 trees suited to the Madrid climate. The building, designed by the architect Rafael de La-Hoz and with interior design by Aguirre Newman and Enrica Rosellini, is the only corporate business campus in central Madrid. It is a cutting edge project in terms of accessibility, sustainability and security.

The design and construction of the building focused on 6 areas:

Sustainable site: The chosen site enables the development of a former industrial area with existing infrastructure. It has an extensive network of public services (bus, subway, local rail, high-speed rail, etc.) and benefits from policies to encourage the use of bicycles, electric vehicles, high occupancy vehicles and low emission, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Water efficiency: Water consumption was optimised by designing the gardens to need less watering, choosing plant species suited to the Madrid climate, using water-efficient equipmen and using rainwater for irrigation.

Energy and atmosphere: Alternative energy generation methods were sought, such as the use of photovoltaic solar panels or gas heat pumps for climate control and hot water production.

Materials and resources: Materials with a high-recycled content were chosen.

Indoor environmental quality: As well as minimising carbon emissions, users were encouraged to be particularly aware, by controlling lighting systems, maximising interior natural light and providing pleasant views of the gardens. A comfortable temperature is ensured using the most advanced climate-control systems that monitors the quality of breathable air.

Innovation in design: A transport management plan was applied which quantifiably reduces the use of personal vehicles with multiple options and alternatives.


FuturENERGY publishes 10 issues a year, providing full coverage of everything going on in the energy sector. With a flexible editorial program, completely adaptable to cover all areas of interest: from production with renewable sources (wind, biomass, marine energy, geothermal, and naturally solar, whether thermal, photovoltaic or solar thermal), to energy efficiency, whether in industry or building: cogeneration, trigeneration and microgeneration, efficient and sustainable construction as well as energy management and refurbishment. Smart Cities are also examined in depth, as is everything to do with them (district heating & cooling, sustainable mobility, etc).




A+++ Solar Systems on the Market In 2015

The eco design and energy labelling regulations for space, water, combi heaters and storage tanks were published in September in the Official Journal of the European Union. After many years of effort and a very constructive cooperation between the EU institutions and the solar thermal industry, the energy label will show, in a harmonised and user friendly way, the benefits and savings brought by solar to end consumers all over Europe.

“We welcome the happy ending to this long process”, said Robin Welling, President of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF).  He added: “The energy label will allow consumers to visualise the potential savings and to make more informed decisions. We are very proud of the significant contribution we have made by co-designing the package label with the Commission. As an industry, we intend to build on the fact that Solar “thermal packages” for water heating will be the only A+++ technology, a trigger for the market uptake of solar heat which the EU needs”.

The labelling and related obligations to provide technical information will actually begin in September 2015 for all actors in the solar thermal supply chain. Solar thermal systems, both as product stand-alone and in package with heaters, will fit into the higher efficiency categories. The solar and heaters package for hot water preparation will be the sole technology to achieve the highest category A+++.

Energy labelling was the missing element within the European legislative framework aimed at promoting renewable heating in buildings.

The testing methodologies used in the context of energy labelling will be described in detail in a separate piece of legislation, which should be published by the end of 2013. ESTIF is actively involved in the drafting of these methodologies.

The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) actively promotes the use of solar thermal technology for renewable heating and cooling in Europe. With around 80 members from 17 European countries, ESTIF represents the whole value chain in today's solar thermal market: from manufacturers, service providers, and national associations to research institutes.



InstalNews.ro – News, Events and Updates from the Installations Field

Energy Efficiency in Buildings: the Czech Republic and Romania are requested to adopt national measures on energy efficiency in buildings

The Commission has formally requested the Czech Republic and Romania to ensure full compliance with their obligations under EU legislation on energy efficiency in buildings (Directive 2010/31/EU). The Commission sent a reasoned opinion to the two Member States asking them to notify the Commission of all their transposition measures for the directive, which had to be transposed into national law by 9 July 2012. If the Member States do not comply with their legal obligation within two months, the Commission may decide to refer them to the Court of Justice. Under this directive Member States must establish and apply minimum energy performance requirements for buildings; ensure that the building`s energy performance is certified and carry out regular inspections of heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, the directive requires Member States to ensure that from 2021 onwards all new buildings will be so-called nearly zero-energy buildings.

InstalNews.ro news portal is essential reading for anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with the latest product and company news as well as technology and regulatory changes in the vast field of installations.

InstalNews.ro portal is a regularly updated and accessible source of information, news, views, advice and opinion for contractors, installers, end users, designers, consultants, manufacturers and distributors of plumbing and HVAC products and solutions.

We publish industry and product news aboutthe complete range of plumbing and HVAC products and services: air conditioning and refrigeration systems, BMS systems, bathroom suites and accessories, drainage and used water treatment, heating systems, boilers, radiators, renewable energies, pumps or technologies.

With its circulation of 8,500 subscribers, the InstalNews.ro targeted campaigns and the monthly email newsletter are extremely effective in reaching the leading decision makers and opinion leaders.


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