Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

First time exhibitor Dr. Mircea Manolescu - iSentinel® – The SMART Protection System.

Dr. ing. Mircea MANOLESCU

Dear Dr. Manolescu, please present your company.

Arexman Construct, a Romanian Company, is searching for a business partner in Bulgaria.

It was founded to develop new solutions and technologies to protect and support the human life in our days reality, where the technological development gives a lot of comfort to users but, in the same time puts at risk the healthy human nurturing environment, especially in big cities. Most of them with a direct consequence on the comfort, sanitary conditions and people’s health.

As an avantgarde company we developed and implemented in Romania and Switzerland, since more than 16 years, original products that saves human life and protects the assets and buildings in case of natural disasters, especially earthquakes, tornadoes, bush fire but also in case of actions of war and terrorism.

The second direction is monitoring the personal human environment, especially for babies and children who are the most vulnerable at the electromagnetic smog, radon gas, organic volatile compounds and many other pollutants we wouldn’t expect to found in houses and bedrooms. We evaluate their level and suggest solutions to the parents, so they can give to their children the chance of a healthy childhood.

But we don’t stop there, we evaluate and suggest solutions also to private companies and state institutions in order to benefit of a healthier work environment. This means less medical absence and, in some cases, means avoiding casualties created by the unhealthy factors. As an example, between the years 1950 and 1995 the electromagnetic field level on Earth multiplied more than 1 Million times. But today, with the new communication technologies the estimation is at about 100 Million times.

In terms of production healthy work environment means a better productivity and avoids the loss of the most valuable asset of any company: the people.

Which products will you be presenting at Smart Cities Sofia?

Of course, at this exhibition I’ll present a smart product: iSentinel®, the Smart Earthquake Protection System. It saves the user’s life by triggering an early warning alarm seconds to tens of seconds before the destructive shock wave arrives and protects the building and assets by closing the gas, electricity, water etc. at the outside of the building. This is the only effective protection that could be provided.

As it is conceived in a modular structure one can install the basic system, then put other modules on it depending of his needs. Thus, users are protected from fires or explosions which very often are a consequence of the earthquake. And the company has a better business continuity, which in a buzzy market becomes also a competitive advantage.

iSentinel is indispensable for cities situated in seismic zones, especially for the big ones, in order to provide the safety of the community and a quick come back to a normal life after the earthquake.

For industrial environments there are some additional modules that can be used to avoid production loss, machines destruction or environment pollution. As an example, on an industrial plant I was asked to stop the centrifuges and the automatic transportation belts to prevent their destruction, while in a beer factory iSentinel® has to close the ammoniac valve, which, without the smart system, have to be closed by an operator by pushing a big red button situated in the middle of the hall.

How does the iSentinel system work? How far away does it detect an earthquake and how sensitive is it?

The iSentinel® system works, basically, on three floors: detection, analyze / decision / command and execution. We provide users with a real seismic detector which remains theirs, which uses the foundation of the building as a probe and surveys 24 hours a day all the vibrations happening around this building.
It has a very reliable filter which is extraordinary performant and which discards all the non-seismic vibrations. If the vibration has a seismic waveform and announces a major earthquake is coming (exceeds a certain acceleration value) then it triggers the protection procedure and alarm. If not, only the LED lights will blink. When the protection procedure is triggered one order goes to the execution floor and stops the gas or/and water end/or electricity etc.

The main advantage iSentinel® offers: it tells to different users situated in different regions of the country how powerful is the earthquake at every place regardless of the epicenter and what happens with everyone’s building (the gathering principle), contrary to the official earthquake stations which are more science-oriented and tells you all the details of the earthquake valid for the distant place where this station is situated (the shooting principle). At different places away from the epicenter this information is not accurate because of the amplification or attenuation of the seismic wave relative to the nature of the soil throw which it travels.

The iSentinel® smart system detects the seismic waves coming from any epicenter and gives accurate information to the user. If needed the system can be moved (in two minutes) and installed in another place, anywhere in the world and there will still function at best parameters.

What preventive measures does it take in case of a disaster? Does the system still function in case of power loss?

In such a case there are some measures that are universal – to close the combustible gas supply, electricity, water, send a command at the BMS or other safety system of a building etc. – and some procedures that can be customer tailored: to diffuse vocal instructions to orient people in a safe place, send a message on the phone, close an industrial plant or machine, send the elevators at the Floor Level, stops a centrifuge or the circulation of a train, starts the engines of the own electrical supply to a hospital prior to the general blackout, close dangerous substances valves, warns the duty officer and so on. There is no limit for the safety procedure it can trigger, according to the outlined dangers the user wants to cover.

The system is conceived to work even during a prolonged blackout or if the whole infrastructure is down as it’s the case during a major earthquake. It triggers the safety procedures before the disaster hits and announces any other replica of the earthquake even without any external electrical supply.

As it’s conceived to work autonomous and independent (electrical power supply, communication network and all the infrastructure down) it’s working at any time, with no need to pay any subscription to anybody.

Could you share with us the results of the iSentinel system and its success rate?

The iSentinel® smart system is being implemented mainly in Bucharest since last few years in all the existing versions. There are main institutions which uses our system with complete satisfaction: The National Bank of Romania, Romanian Banking Institution, the national gas company Distrigaz, the centralized heat national provider RADET, the National Medicine Agency, Mayoralties, Museums, Markets, Malls, Blocks of flats, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Police stations, the tallest building of Romania, Low, Medium and High Education institutes, Templar Knives offices, The Scottish Rite offices, Multi-Familial and Uni-Familial buildings etc. At this moment there are projects like the National Orthodox Cathedral and the Kings Palace where this system is about to be implemented.

All the testes but also testimonials goes in the same direction: very reliable, no false alarms, nu skipped seismically events. People rely on the security offered by the system in all confidence.

Its success relies on the advantages brought by the system:

  • Saves people’s life
  • Protects the assets and the building from fire and explosion due to the earthquake
  • Gives a better business continuity and competitive advantage
  • Lower the insurance primes payment comparing to a non-protected building.

You will be afirst time exhibitor at the Smart Cities Sofia Exhibition. Visitors from which sectors would you like to see at your stand?

There are two zones of interest:

  1. Institutions/companies which own or take care of buildings for direct sale from Romania to Bulgaria: Majors of cities, decision taking persons from central and local institutions, national and international companies, owners association, facility management association
  2. Persons/companies which could became my business partners for selling iSentinel® in Bulgaria: owners of national spread security services company, medium and big distributors of high added value merchandise, the National Gas Company, Electricity Company, young wolves emerging on the national market in technical domains or online distribution etc.


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