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The magazine FuturENVIRO launches with the aim of becoming the benchmark publisher of Projects, Technologies and News in the environmental sector, with emphasis on our international coverage, use of new technologies and direct contact with the sector as our key differentiators.
FuturENVIRO provides information to developers about the companies best suited to carry out their projects, and for suppliers the specifications of on-going projects, with particular attention paid to those markets with the greatest business expansion possibilities.
FuturENVIRO publishes 10 issues a year, 5 dedicated to water management and the other 5 dedicated to waste management, providing full coverage of everything going on in the environmental sector. With a flexible editorial program, completely adaptable to cover all areas of interest: from Waste Management and Water Management to Air Pollution, Soil Recovery, Biofuels, Municipalities, Smart Cities, Regulations, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.
FuturENVIRO publishes 10 fully bilingual (Spanish and English) editions a year, covering the most important topics of the day: water management and treatment, waste management and treatment, bioenergy, air, noise and light pollution, contaminated land, environmental legislation, Smart Cities, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc. The focus is always international, with news about the biggest markets and particular emphasis on Latin America and other emerging markets.
FuturENVIRO has a baseline print run ranging 7,000 copies. A print run calculated to fit the needs of each issue depending on the contents, distribution list and presence at trade fairs.
A dynamic and interactive publication, it has direct links to advertisers’ websites, videos, etc. It is distributed every month to a data base with over 80,000 emails all over the world, which is constantly growing and updated.

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