2013-04-12 09:32:08


GLOBUL inaugurated today its newest and largest photovoltaic facility, installed at its Network Management Center in Sofia.

The autonomous photovoltaic system has a total of 60 solar panels mounted on the rooftop and on three specially developed ‘solar' trees. The maximum output of the facility is 14.7 kWp and the minimum electricity output is about 7,300 kWh per year. This green energy will feed the building lighting system and may power over 600 energy-saving 23 W-light bulbs. GLOBUL plans to further optimize the system and to double its annual electricity output to some 15,000 kWh.

The panels have been produced under special technology which allows for long-term, year-round use and high efficiency under the local weather conditions. The energy that had not been used during the day will be stored in batteries and will be used during the night. Special software continuously monitors the operation of the facility and constantly measures its productivity and efficiency.

"We are really proud to implement this innovative project. It is yet another example of GLOBUL's commitment to invest in sustainable, environment-friendly solutions, despite the challenging economic situation. We will continue implementing this policy and will encourage our partners and other companies to do so", commented GLOBUL Chief Technical Officer Mr. Apostolos Pagkoutsos.

As part of its long-term sustainability strategy GLOBUL Green, the company implements various initiatives for reducing the energy consumption of its telecommunications network. In 2012 alone, GLOBUL installed photovoltaic panels at nearly 40% of its off-grid base stations, mostly located in remote areas, in order to reduce diesel fuel consumption. Also, GLOBUL doubled the number of its base stations equipped with free cooling systems which reduce the air-conditioning energy consumption by some 70%.


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