GOSPODARKA ODPADAMI (Waste Management) magazine

2016-01-01 16:10:56

The GOSPODARKA ODPADAMI (Waste Management) magazine
is and independent business-sector periodical targeted at people and companies dealing in waste management, self government bodies, importers and exporters of packages and pre-packed products as well as all kind of companies provide waste utilization services. This is also addressed at Polish environmental and waste management aficionados. Articles feature the problems of production, purchase, assembly and maintenance of machines for waste storage, processing and utilization.

The journal is the presentation of theory and practice supplemented with practice; all that enhanced carefully selected photographs. The pages of GOSPODARKA ODPADAMI will feature opinions, business insiders’ debates on current issues, interviews and reports on trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences as well as feature articles. Readers will be presented with profiles of successful people and business sector leading companies. A substantial part of the magazine is devoted to the business-sector legal issues.