Energy Efficiency & Renewables 16 – 18.04.2019
Energy Efficiency & Renewables 16 – 18.04.2019

Growing international presence at ‘EE & RE’ 2014: Austep, AB Energy, Apricus Solar and Solare Datensysteme have joined the SEE Exhibition

2014-02-06 13:32:44

Growing international presence at ‘EE & RE’ 2014: Austep, AB Energy, Apricus Solar and Solare Datensysteme have joined the SEE Exhibition

As the event draws nearer, we are very pleased to announce about the growing interest in it.  

Herewhith we are presenting the foreign companies that have recently joined the show as well as other participants in the Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. It will be held from 5th to 7th March in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Enjoy reading the team Via Expo!


T  +359 32 512 900  Е





Interview with Eng. Daniele Chiodini – Area Sales Manager

Please tell us briefly about your product portfolio?

Austep is an engineering company with its own process know-how, specialized in design and construction, operating and control of:

•    Biogas production from waste and biomass (slaughterhouses, sludge, poultry manure, agricultural wastes)
•    Wastewater treatment
•    Water circuits
•    Industrial wastewater reuse
•    Biological sludge reduction
•    Soil remediation
•    Bio-methane production from biogas

What are your aims related with your participation at ‘EE & RE’ 2014?

To improve our already good established relations in Bulgaria and to extend our visibility on Bulgarian market.

Do you have any realized projects in Bulgaria and what are your future plans?

We have one plant of 1.800 kW power, functioning in its full capacity since December 2013 using (process flow diagram attached):

•    Cow slurry and manure
•    Silage

Composed by:

•    No. 2 anaerobic digesters Volume of about 5.400 mc/each
•    No. 1 cold digester Volume of about 1.500 mc
•    No. 1 concrete bed for hopper loader
•    No. 1 pre-load tank Volume of about 350 mc
•    No. 1 tan for separator Volume of about 50 mc
•    Technical building for electric cabinet and chemicals  and several under constructions

Who are your potential customers?

Our main industrial customers are from: food industry, food farming, paper mills, chemical, tannery, pharmaceutical, textile and petrochemical branches.

The process engineering is supported by the company`s in-house R&D division. Can you give us more info about your recent innovations?

Our Company includes new technologies Research & Development Dept. which allowed the creation of TORNADO bio-squeezer, an innovative machine offering an all in one solution for the pre-treatment of organics from municipal waste collection focused to produce energy through the anaerobic digestion.

What will be the future of biogas?

Up to now the biogas production is a strengthened technology in agricultural and industrial fields. Bio-methane is obtained by biogas through a purification process. Austep, working with innovative and high efficiency technologies with its own know-how, develops the GAStep technology for up-grading to bio-methane production from biogas based on membrane filtering of biogas.



Interview with Mihai Vintilă - Relationship Manager ‘Eastern Europe’

What are your priority markets and what has motivated you to take part in EE & RE Exhibition?

Apricus Solar is a global company. We are present in all major solar markets. For us Australia, United States and Europe are the biggest markets. Europe is important not only from point of view of sales but also because here we have a network of local offices. For Eastern Europe we have an office in Braila, Romania. This approach gives us an opportunity to be more close to distributors, markets and customers.  

At the EE & RE 2014 Exhibition we hope to make face-to-face contacts with the local players and customers.

Please make a short overview of your company.

Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of solar hot water and hydronic heating products. We focus to provide simple and effective solutions for families and business concerned about climate change and rising energy costs and believe to have a good balance between quality and price. All of our products are produced with a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation while aiming to minimize the environmental impact of all products and operations. 

With a number of patent pending designs, Apricus invests strongly in product improvements and new developments based heavily on feedback from the diverse global customer base.

Who are your potential customers?

Our customers are from commercial and residential sectors – all who are looking products ensuring financial savings and environmental benefits.
Do you plan to develop any new projects in the near future?

Yes. We develop right now an investment into a new factory. With this our capacity of production will grow and also new products will be available for customers. This new production facility will provide Apricus flat panels.



Italy / Romania

The AB Group has the products, the skills and the integrated approach to make it a unique concern on the European cogeneration scenario. It recently expanded its activities abroad, with an eye on European countries where cogeneration is acquiring an increasingly more strategic role.

The AB Group operates in two different fields which, at first sight, appear similar, but which differ significantly at technical-application level: Industrial natural gas cogeneration, centred firstly on energy efficiency and economic saving and biogas cogeneration, which is mainly for farms wanting to invest in the valorisation process of crops and/or livestock wastes and become real energy producers. Always in this field of operation, the AB Group also caters for the needs of municipalised companies, consortiums and institutions for the effective and sustainable use of the biogas produced by household waste dumps.





Solare Datensysteme is presenting three new Solar-Log™ models. The Solar-Log 300, Solar-Log 1200 and Solar-Log 2000 offer compelling numerous new functions in regard to enhanced visualization, PV plant monitoring and the optimization of your own power consumption.  

All of the proven features from the current models are also available in the new product line. Additionally, these models also offer important enhancements and have been optimized. All of the new models come with a state-of-the-art LCD display. The Solar-Log 1200 and Solar-Log 2000 also come with an additional TFT color touch screen.



Baden-Württemberg (Germany) enjoys a leading position within Germany in the field of renewable energy. Their strong environmental industry is primarily composed of small and medium-sized companies. Baden-Württemberg is home to Europe’s largest solar research institute, many further research institutes, technology transfer centers and a large number of renowned solar companies.




MIG Material Innovative Gesellschaft is a research intensive chemical company specialized in environment-oriented products which find a wide range of application across various industries.

Producer of MIG - ESP® Energy Saving Paint:

- Up to 40% energy savings
- Savings on utility bills
-  Reduction in carbon emission
- Improved room climate, etc.





PC RPC Radiy designs and serially manufactures LED power-efficient lanterns intended to illuminate all kinds of roads, squares, parks, public gardens, etc.and other industrial facilities. Application of such power-efficient technologies in illumination systems allows customer to decrease power costs by more than 7 times.   

Czech Republic

Cink Hydro ranks among the leaders in deliveries of technology for small and medium-sized hydropower stations. It  is one of the few companies in the world using the know-how that is necessary for the realization of technically perfect deliveries of all important types of turbines, such as the Crossflow, Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines, up to a capacity of 3,5 MW per unit. Besides that, CINK Hydro-Energy specializes in the installation of hydropower stations in drinking water systems and holds several licences for that purpose.

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