Haiteck Ltd. will Showcase Pellets with High Caloric Value

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2016-01-13 11:52:57

Haiteck Ltd. will Showcase Pellets with High Caloric Value

Interview with Maria Petrova, Exhibition Manager.


The name of your company is associated with high technology. Please present to us the main trends in your activity.

Haiteck Ltd. is a technological company, which has two main trends of activity. We offer innovative solutions in the field of the dynamically changing sphere of information technology and the obtaining of green energy from renewable resources. The company renders services in the sectors of information technology, communications, equipment, security systems, notification and technical support of equipment. Remaining true to the concept of using high technology, in 2014 we widened the scope of our activity by building a factory for the production of pellets and briquettes, with the assistance of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. This factory is the best in Bulgaria in regards to innovation and technology.

You are going to participate for the first time in the exhibition EE and RE. What would the guests be able to see at your stall and what goals do you set for yourself?

By participating for the first time in this exhibition we will present to the guests our product – PREMIUM PELLETS and OPTIMUM PELLETS. While creating our company we visited all major European exhibitions and contacted leading manufacturers of equipment for this type of activity. Thanks to that we are working with the best ones among them, so the main goal that we set for ourselves by participating in this event is marketing positioning on the Bulgarian market and establishing contacts with large industrial users of pellets and briquettes for the realization of their main activity.

Your mission is environmental care – what are the advantages of using bioenergy as compared to conventional fuels?

Biofuels are the alternative fuel or the fuel of the future. They are products, which give mankind an ecologically clear and nature preserving energy source. Bioenergy is produced from biological non-petroleum sources, such as for example from biomass out of traditional agricultural products (for South and North America – soy, for Europe – sunflower and rapeseed, for Asia – coconut) or from animal fats. And its biggest advantage is that it is derived from annually renewable resources and practically does not pollute the environment. And that is precisely what mankind strives for in the 21st century.

What is your evaluation of the prospects for development of this segment of the RES mix?

An exceptionally perspective segment, particularly for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The utilization of waste wood contributes to the enhancement of the effectiveness of the wood processing companies and the preservation of the wood that is being used for direct burning. There is a great interest by consumers from all over Europe, due to the high calorific value of the product and the convenience of using it as biofuel.


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