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Holger Tallowitz


Director, Future Cities, Blockchain, Industry Business Unit Public Services is focused on innovative solutions for Public Organisations. Governments and City Administrations are more and facing challenges related to technological developments. Holger delivers not only ideas but concepts and finally products to support cities to cope with these requirements and challenges. In SAP he held various management positions in Germany, Scandinavia, CIS and MENA which gives him a bright an deep background both in business and technical regards. Selected areas of activities currentl : Holistic City Dashboard, Blockchain use cases in public organisations, Innovative way to predict GDP forecast, Disruptive ID Management (persons, objects, events, companies, devices, etc.). One of his articles about using Blockchain in public organizations was published March 6, 2018:  Forbes Article

Transforming Cities for the Digital Era

Cities are where the social and economic future of the 21st century will be shaped. They are under pressure for resources and must use the cutting edge technologies to win.

Digital technologies can help cities to deliver citizen centric outcomes in five key domains: governance, transport, people, economy and E&R. Those need not to be dealt with in isolation; the Platform can intelligently connect people, processes & things for smarter outcomes. Here SAP stands for - proposing the urban platform with any IoT scenarios; ML algorithms, simplifying the decision making and providing predictions; blockchain services, reducing the bureaucratic walls. SAP for Cities is in the particular scenarios as smart lighting, waste management, flood prevention, but also cross-platforming all the business areas to make the City management more effective.


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