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Hungarian Waste Management Federation

The Hungarian Waste Management Federation (Hulladékgazdálkodók Országos Szövetsége, HOSZ) is a professional association representing the interests primarily of the Hungarian recycling industry. The approximately 50 member companies of HOSZ are involved in the collection, pre-treatment, recycling, and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, recovered paper, waste plastics, waste glass, tyre waste, and waste electrical and electronic equipment. The membership of the federation includes private companies, companies which are indirectly in the majority ownership of the State or a local government, and waste management public service providers. We are proud that the market share of our members in the domestic trading and recycling of recyclables is more than 80%. The mission of the federation is to promote the highest possible recycling rates and to thereby decrease the environmental pollution caused by waste and conserve natural resources by supplying the industry with secondary raw materials.