Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019
Smart Cities - Exhibition and Conference 16 – 18.04.2019

Ina Karova

2017-02-13 09:53:36

Ina Karova, Project Coordinator, Energy Agency of Plovdiv

Ina Karova is a sustainable communities expert at the Energy Agency of Plovdiv. Her core activities so far are related to sustainable urban transport and mobility. She has been involved in project dealing with public transport and improvement of its services, promotion and raising awareness on cycling and walking, introduction of ICT and gamification approaches in transport, mobility education for children. Ina has conducted analyses on public transport satisfaction levels, urban mobility accessibility options, innovative approaches in modal shifting, etc. She has participated in pilot modelling of sustainable traffic options. She has led the Bulgarian implementations within 5 European projects in Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes.


Innovative technologies and approaches for tracking and modelling of the bike and pedestrian flows

The presentation will show the TRACE project concept to assess the potential of movement tracking services to better plan and promote walking and cycling in cities, and develop tracking tools that will fuel the take up of walking and cycling measures.The project will promote cycling and walking to the workplace, to school, for shopping purposes or simply for leisure. TRACE will use ICT based tracking services to optimise the planning and implementation of mobility measures and enhance their attractiveness and potential impact. Issues such as data privacy, cost, interoperability, financial/tax incentives, infrastructure planning and service concepts will be addressed.










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