Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2021, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2020

INNOVAMBIENTE is the system to manage municipal waste collection processes, from startup to collection monitoring

Interview with Eng. Andrea Di Pasquale, CEO , INNOVA Consorzio per l’informatica e la Telematica srl

Dear Eng. Di Pasquale, please tell us how does INNOVAMBIENTE help the municipality administration be closer to the citizens?

INNOVAMBIENTE® has been designed to assist all the parties involved in urban waste collection and allow them to cooperate in order to maximize the benefits for all. In this sense, municipality and citizens are closer as their objectives become one: to improve and increase differentiated waste collection for a cleaner city.

How does the INNOVAMBIENTE® system contribute for reducing taxes for Urban Waste Collection?

INNOVAMBIENTE® allows the monitoring of how much waste is produced and how much each individual citizen differentiates. The higher recycling rate, the more the urban waste collection taxes can be reduced for these virtuous citizens.

Please give us an example from Italy how the “door to door” collection helps increase the recycling rates more than 60%?

Having a door-to-door collection ensures maximum control over the Urban Waste Collection process. Municipality, Waste Collection Company and citizens all become key parties to the process. Citizens are taught how to differentiate waste and realize how a responsible and careful approach is really for everyone’s benefit.

The results have been almost immediate in all the Municipalities where INNOVAMBIENTE® has been introduced. An example is Bitetto, a small municipality in the province of Bari, which went from 17,1% in 2016 to 75,9% in 2017, and now averages around 80%. They won a price in Italy as the best recycling Municipality in 2017.

Please tell us more about other infomobility services from INNOVA

INNOVAMBIENTE® is without a doubt our key service today. It is however a result of our original infomobility services. INNOVA offers Fleet Management services aimed at logistics or transport companies and has also implemented Public Transport solutions in Matera, with intelligent Totem Poles advising customers on real-time bus arrivals at the various stops throughout the city.

INNOVA announced a new partnership with Nica. Could you share more details about it?

The partnership agreement values the experience of Nica, an Italian leader thanks to its ERP Winwaste.net system, and that of Innova with its INNOVAMBIENTE® platform, destined for urban waste collection managers.

Do you have new partners in Bulgaria as well? Please tell us about realized and planned projects here or in the region.

We have several interesting contacts in Bulgaria, but nothing concrete as of yet. Fingers crossed for 2019!





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