Exhibition and Conference for SE Europe Smart Cities Section - Buildings, Mobility and Infrastructure 2022, IEC, Sofia / Postponed: seeSUSTAINtec 2021

Interview with Mr. Holger Tallowitz, Director, Future Cities, Blockchain, Industry Business Unit Public Services, SAP

Dear Mr. Tallowitz, please present in brief SAP company & SAP smart tech innovations & platforms

SAP is the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Application Software(Bill). By using SAP`s solutions, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Big Data, mobile apps, machine learning, blockchain, and analytics, a new generation of city managers, business leaders, and not-for-profit executives is transforming communities into smart cities that deliver better outcomes to all.

What are the advantages of SAP products on the market?

Smarter, Faster, Flexible, Agile and highly Customizable, delivering Increased Productivity, Significant Cost Savings and Consistent Operations. Best equipped solutions to meet urban and business requirements. Relying on just one form of software along with greater efficiency and process standardization within a company, drives costs down significantly and is enhancing the focus on long term goals. SAP software allows businesses of all sizes to truly realize their full potential.

What will be the main highlights of your presentation within the 6TH South-East European Smart Conference?

As the world’s population urbanizes, leading cities are taking steps to ensure they can develop sustainably, protect and serve citizens, and attract new investment, businesses, and talent. My main highlights will be on harnessing the power of innovative digital technologies and the needed  support, solutions, and expertise of the leading organizations to transform cities into more sustainable, livable communities in order to meet the Challenges of an Increasingly Urban World.



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