Exhibition on Cleaning and Hygiene
Exhibition on Cleaning and Hygiene

Interview with Ms. Alyona Poznyak, Sales Department, Future Cleaning Technologies, Netherlands, exhibitor at CleanExBg

Interview with Ms. Alyona Poznyak, Sales Department, Future Cleaning Technologies, Netherlands, exhibitor at CleanExBg

1. iteam Global® is part of Future Cleaning Technologies, so can we first learn more about your company?

Absolutely! FCT focuses on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of cleaning equipment for soft & hard floors for the professional market. We facilitate our partners with intelligent, convenient and quality cleaning solutions. Ranging from scrubber dryers, vacuum cleaners, gum removers, lighting solutions, microfiber pads and all-in-one cleaning islands, FCT even creates private label machines designed to suit your company/brand style.

So there’s really no bridge too far for our team, and we are extremely proud of our hardworking staff and distributors. We provide expert advice, machine repairs & communication support, and are happy and able to help anyone with questions about how to clean their surfaces.

2. This year at CleanExBg you are going to present the imop, can you tell us more about the product and its specifications, what makes it different?

Revolutionary ideas within a certain framework can change the way you think about an object, or field. In this case, it’s cleaning. We have changed the traditional ways of mopping, keeping the flexibility of the original mop, but with the added power of an industrial cleaning machine. That’s what makes the imop the powerhouse that gets the job done, and the user-friendly fun machine you love working with!

The imop features a high speed twin brush scrubber drier deck with a working area of 46cm (18 inches). The same as with a conventional walk behind scrubber, but with an unmatched agility and freedom of mobility. The two counter rotating brushes give you a smooth experience and allow you to control the machine easily, even with just one hand. Clean around and underneath objects, just like a mop.

Our quick exchange lithium ion battery system makes the imop a real cleaning workhorse. A single charge will last over an hour, and with quick recharge of an hour… you will get an hour running time back. Work from one set, while the other is recharging. Cleaning from 9 to 5 or 24/7 with a single machine. With over 350 RPM and 22 kg of brush pressure, the imop makes short work out of any cleaning job, cleans over 1000 square meters per hour. Increase your productivity, clean faster, better and easier.

3. What is your target audience and where do you think your product can find application?

Our target audience is basically anyone and everyone who wants to save time, money and start cleaning more thoroughly and effective. Our machines give your organization the ability to clean any type of surface the world has to offer. They will empower your staff with innovative and userfriendly machines. We have received such great responses from the most diverse group of establishments, including schools, government buildings, supermarket chains, train stations, hospitals, hotels and even international airports.

Our customers are our biggest fans, and also our biggest source of inspiration. Their remarks and feedback make their way to our research team, and directly gets implemented in the next version of the machines. That’s just how we feel the business should work. This results in great design, and with that design come the results to prove it’s worth. The imop for example has exceeded all expectations, and has proven to be an all-terrain vehicle, with no obstacles too big or too small. Our ATP tests prove that the imop cleans the floor more thoroughly than any mop that exists on the market. So there’s really no question, for great products, check out our catalogue.

4. Do you have any activity in Bulgaria or the Region, are you looking for new business partners?

Currently, we are not represented in Bulgaria, and we’d love to extend our reach in your beautiful country. If anyone is interested in a personal demo, or just a chat & a cup of coffee, please let us know at: sales@fctemail.com. We’d be happy to schedule you in, and discuss our bright future together. Because that’s what we are all about: creating meaningful connections and providing people with solutions. And best of all, once you are on board with the iteam: you will get the full support from all of our partners, receive updates about new machines and gather annually at the iteam headquarters to discuss business & technical development.





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