International b2b Forum
28 – 29.06.2018
International b2b Forum<br/>28 – 29.06.2018

Interview with Ph.D. Václav Šefl, Department of Metallic Construction Materials, Technopark Kralupy VŠCHT, Czech Republic


Please present in brief the highlights/focus of your both presentations

The highlight of the first presentation is the complex effect of different aspects on corrosion in crude oil. When de aling with crude oil, one must consider many degradation mechanisms - uniform, crevice, under deposit corrosion, cracking in sour gases, formation of deposites and also microbial acticity.

The highlight of the second presentation is simply the significant improvement of corrosion protection by adding very small amounts of alloying elements.

Please acquaint the audience of ‘Corrosion Prevention Balkans’ with the latest development of corrosion protection methods in piping and tanks for crude oil     

Latest development of crude oil piping protecion revolves around using corrosion-resistant materials,

inner coatings, improvement of cathod protection in the case of underground piping and new inspection methods.

What are the advantages of the metallic alloy coatings on steel?

Alloy coatings on steel give it significant protection compared to bare, painted, zinced and painted steel.

So far, alloy coatings are mainly used in construcion and home  appliances. It is also used in automotive (1.5 % of the market) and further increase of this number is expected.

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